{I confess}

Another Thursday, another time to confess. Y'all it's been a long and tiring week. I am exhausted, but with a full, full heart. Sick days for Mason means lots of cuddle and quality time together. I am glad he's feeling better, but sad that he is back at school today. My house is quiet and I miss him something fierce already. Anyhow...these are my confessions for this week.

// I think I could probably sleep for 4 days straight. Maybe even 5 or 6. Mason started running fever and feeling yucky Saturday which means I haven't slept much since then. And when I did 'sleep' I think it was with one eye open. I hate when he's feeling puny!! I can't sleep and spend those waking hours praying over him and checking his temperature every five minutes.

// I hate when my baby is sick. It breaks my heart into a million pieces.

// We watched a lot of Netflix this week. One of the movies he chose was the newer Charlie and the Chocolate factory. That movie is straight up WEIRD. I much prefer the original.

// I introduced Mason to the movie ET this week. I love watching movies with him that we grew up watching. And I love it even more when he loves it.

// I was so sad packing away all of my Easter decor. It's so pretty. Now my house looks plain and boring. I guess I need to find some pretty Spring things that can be left out for a few months.

// We missed church last Sunday because of a sick kiddo. I was so bummed. It's the first time we've missed a Sunday at our new church since we started attending in January. I'm thankful that our church posts the sermons online!

// We are truly blessed with the best people in our lives. When Nate's parents heard that Mason was feeling puny they started helping us in any way that they could. Nate worked for a bit on Sunday and when he got home he needed to mow. We have two acres and it takes almost 4 hours even with a riding lawnmower to mow and weed-eat. Well, Nate's dad came over with his riding lawnmower and they knocked it out together in half the time. Later that evening they brought Mason a milkshake for his sore throat. They continued to bring him little treats throughout the week.

// I am not convinced that Mason only had strep. He normally responds really well to antibiotics and bounces back fast. He started running fever on Saturday and even after 2 days of antibiotics was still running fever and feeling awful. I am half convinced that he maybe had the flu as well or maybe a sinus infection.

// So, in another I confess post I dished on how I struggle with ruining Mason's perfect attendance and pulling him out on a random day to just spend time with him. Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore since he missed three days this week. It was kind of liberating, too. And now I struggle with letting him go back to school. I just want all the time with my sweet boy.

// My camera roll is making my picture-taking and picture-loving heart so happy right now! We did a few outdoor activities this week when Mason was feeling up to it and I got out my big camera. I got so many cute pictures of my sweet boy. And one evening we went and drove the Bluebonnet Trail and I got some pretty flower pictures. They're not perfect photos because manual mode {and I am still learning} but it was fun to practice and get some shots that were non-iPhone photos.

// Speaking of the Bluebonnet Trail...I love getting out and driving that trail! So much pretty countryside to be seen. And it's so relaxing and so awesome to just hang out with my sweet boys on some good country back-roads. We saw all kinds of barns, ranches, Clydesdale horses, and lots and lots of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes. I want to go back when there is a good sunset.

// I stayed in pajamas all day Tuesday...didn't leave the house and only put on a bra that evening because Nate's parents were bringing Mason some Sonic goodies. Wednesday I traded in the pajamas for a tshirt and yoga pants. I ain't mad about it.

// Every time I sit and think about this blogging community that I have found I can't help but smile. I have made the most amazing friends. They are so inspiring and such supportive mamas. Feeling so blessed!

That's all I have for today! What are you confessing today?


  1. Ooh I love no bra days! And how sweet are your in laws! Bringing you all those nice goodies and helping mow the lawn! What a huge help!

  2. So glad Mason's feeling better! I feel the exact same way if Ez or Declan is sick. Every ten minutes I'm trying to gauge if they're getting better or worse. It's exhausting. You totally sold me on that Blue Bonnet Trail. Sounds beautiful, and I'm a sucker for clydesdales.

  3. Sorry to hear Mason was sick! My kids had strep too - ugh. The Blue Bonnet Trail sounds amazing!

  4. When the kiddo is sick, it's oh so hard! Glad he's back at school and feeling better!

  5. So glad Mason is feeling better! What sweet in laws. I think you hit the jackpot with them!

  6. Such good news that Mason is feeling better. I don't think there is anything wrong with pulling him out of school to do fun things every once in a while. I've never seen perfect attendance getting you anywhere other than an "award" at the end of the year. Enjoy those days when you can. :)

  7. Poor Mason! I'm glad he's feeling better, but it sounds like quite a rough week! I can't bring myself to watch the newer version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - it looks so creepy (but I also think Johnny Depp is super creepy, so there's that). And I still haven't taken our Easter decor down - I can't bring myself to do it yet!

  8. I am so sorry that Mason has been sick all week. It is rough to watch your babies be sick. You wish you could take it away from them. I haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet, but I don't think I really want to. Hoping you have a better weekend ahead of you!

  9. So glad Mason is feeling better!!
    LOVE that first picture you took on the Bluebonnet trail! Gorgeous!
    And I agree with you... love this blogging community of ours :)

  10. Poor Mason! Strep is horrible! I had it when I was 12 and wouldnt wish it on anyone. Some days my girls stay in PJs all day (like today) and they love it and I have less laundry to do, haha! I hope you share your photos of these flowers :)

  11. I'm so glad Mason is feeling better! Those snuggles are awesome but your little man feeling better is the best. All the bloggers I follow who live in Texas have been posting pictures of the blue bonnets-they're gorgeous. I'd love to see them in person! Pajama days are the best! Have happy weekend love!

  12. It's great to hear that Mason is feeling better. Sick babies are the saddest. :(
    The Bluebonnet Trail looks gorgeous! I wish we had something that awesome around us.

  13. Yay for feeling better, it is SO heartbreaking when the babies are sick. I love the snuggles but the trade off just isn't worth it. The Bluebonnet Trail looks AMAZING too. The new chocolate factory movie is flat out creepy. Especially that puppet show scene!!!


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