{10 on the Tenth}

 photo a01_zpsoylqibnn.jpg
My view this morning before going to get groceries! 
 photo a02_zpsegwdrqg1.jpg
My handsome boy after church! Taking some back roads and enjoying the fresh air.
 photo a05_zpsxyio796k.jpg
This boy has my heart!!
 photo a08_zpsv1dempyb.jpg
All three of my sweet boys!
 photo a07_zpsnduu4izi.jpg
Can never get a serious picture. Love him something fierce.
 photo a06_zpsi7m1jbuy.jpg
Playing in the shop after church.
 photo 1_zpsaiul0xtc.jpg
 photo 2_zps0rilgnos.jpg
These beauties are growing in several places on our property.
 photo a10_zpsjknjfa7o.jpg
Chasin' Mama.
 photo 4_zpsbmbdvszv.jpg
Out of church clothes to ride his scooter in the puddles.
Happy Sunday!!


  1. All of these pictures are just perfection!!! What a happy happy boy you have!

  2. I love the picture of Mason resting. He sure looks like he is contemplating something big for such a little boy! Such sweet pictures, friend!

  3. Your husband sure does have his model duck face down!!! And loving your flowers and sunsets... Beautiful photos!

  4. Ah, the beautiful views you have! Great pictures!

  5. Your short hair makes me want to chop mine but I know I'll regret it when the Summer heat hits and I can't pull it up!

  6. Haha, I call that look the smolder and at least he isn't make a silly face like Russ does :D! LOVE that Iris photo too, so pretty. Looks like a great Sunday friend.

  7. Love these posts! Looks like a gorgeous day! I need to set a reminder to do the 10 on 10th next month!

  8. What a beautiful day!! And the picture of all three of yours guys is the sweetest.

  9. Those irises are spectacular! How cute is Mason running around with his shirt unbuttoned, hehe.

  10. I love that you wake up early to get groceries on Sunday. As hard as it must be to do, you sure do have a wonderful sunrise to look at!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!