{Oh Hey Friday // Sickies, Sandboxes & Trampolines, Ladies night}

Happy Friday!! It was a pretty good week for us. Monday evening we were able to spend some time outside with our neighbors {my in-laws!}. Tuesday our soccer practice was cancelled due to rain in the forecast so we got to have supper out with my in-laws instead. I wasn't mad about that one bit. Mase was a little upset that practice was cancelled, though. Wednesday + Thursday evenings were busy as well. I think busy days and evenings help the week fly by! Let's just the hope the weekend doesn't fly by.

Now time for Oh Hey Friday with Karli!

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{T W O} // When Mason was sick last week we had quite a few little ice cream dates on the porch. Ice cream is always the answer for a sore throat. Always. Diesel even got to enjoy some ice cream. These were some of my favorite moments with my sweet boys {minus the whole being sick thing}.

{T H R E E} // Spring evenings oh how I love thee!! The weather has been glorious in the evenings and we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Summer will rear it's ugly head soon and bring about the 110+ degree heat and mosquitoes. The heat I can deal with, but heat and getting eaten alive by bugs is not my idea of fun. And now the threat of Zika virus. Um, no.  Just no. So, we will soak up every single second of these sweet Spring nights.

Trampoline and sandbox fun. Do not try telling Mason {or his Nana} he's too big for it. haha.

{F O U R} // So many things I want to remember about Mason right now and this picture captures most of it so perfectly.

His cow-lick
His freckles and how they become more abundant in the Spring/Summer
His tan line from his glasses
How different he looks without his glasses on
His scrunched up little nose and fake smile
His no pants/no shoes and socks lovin' heart
His little gap between his front two baby teeth

{F I V E} // Last night I went to a fellowship supper with ladies from my church! Y'all, I go to church with some of the most amazing ladies. We went to a Hibachi restaurant in town and had so much fun. The laughter and good conversation made my heart so full. I am so thankful that I get to do life with these people! After supper we went to Starbucks to continue the fellowship. It was a great night!!!


{B O N U S} // Today on Instagram I am sharing some of my favorite {but certainly not all} ladies. I am so thankful that blogging brought me these sweet friendships.

Tonight we are going to Six Flags over Texas. They are shutting the park down for only a specific ISD in our area and since my mother in law works for the ISD we get to go! It's our favorite way to do Six Flags. There is little to no lines and we just love it. Saturday is soccer and a birthday party {and maybe the Bluebonnet festival} and Sunday is church!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love Diesel. Those shots of him chilling outside are adorable. Leonidas got a little ice cream treat this week too! And Mason - such cute shots of him, as always! Your night last night sounded like so much fun. I love hibachi! That photo of the fire on the grill is AMAZING! I've loved following along with you and I'm so happy to have "met" you! Enjoy your night and weekend, friend!

  2. I love all of these pictures and I love your dog!!! Your weekend sounds like it will be great!

  3. That would be the perfect way to do Six Flags! Have so much fun!! Love Mason's sunglasses in the ice cream pics! Happy weekend, friend!

  4. What a great weekend ahead of you! We are supposed to have weather in the 60's & may even hit 70! Yard work is calling our names but we get to be outside! I'll take that!

  5. Six Flags (without the lines) sounds like so much fun!! Much to my dismay, my husband is not a roller coaster person. :( :( And once again, your photos of Mason are fabulous!! I love the details in the trampoline photos and love the bright colors in the ice cream photos! And Diesel with his tongue out?! <3 Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the IG love, my friend!

  6. Your photos are amazing! They always are but this week's have got me going wow! And I love all the details you want to remember about Mason. The cowlick and the glasses tan! And while I'm jealous of your spring weather, I definitely wouldn't like your summers! And thanks again for the IG love!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. What a fun night!! I'd definitely live in Texas for Six Flags!! You're such a good mama! Mine have been sick this week but no ice cream...we did offer cookies. :) Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  8. I'm not sure there's anything better than Blue Bell on the front porch! (minus the being sick part, of course!) And I love little kids with freckles and how they come out in the summer. So so sweet! Have a great time at Six Flags!!

  9. Love all the pictures! Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful photos friend! Diesel kind of steals the show. What a cutie. But Mason and those freckles just get me. I love following you beautiful lady and am so thankful we "met" and have become friends. :)

  11. Fun week! I'm glad you had a great time with your women's group last night. My weekly bible study with women throughout our church is one of my favorite times of the week! Hope you had a blast at Six Flags, too!!

  12. Your ice cream dates (minus the sickness) sound so good!
    And Six Flags without lines? Heck yes!! Hope you all had the best time, and have a great weekend!

  13. That spoon mason was using was huge! What was it? Looks like a great week even with a sick boy glad he is feeling better now though. Can't wait to hear about Six Flags!!!

  14. Your boy is such a cutie! I hope he's feeling better now. And your fellowship dinner sounds like it was fun!

    By the way, I co-host another Friday linkup called High Five for Fridays (H54F). It goes live at 8 a.m. eastern time each Friday morning, and we'd love to have you join us!!!



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