Another weekend that came and went entirely too fast! But it was a good one, and I thank the Good Lord for that! It was much needed after the week we had. Mason was a complete terror. I'm chalking up to the ear infection and that he still wasn't feeling well. But, all excuses aside..it was tough. Real tough.  The weekend made up for it, though. 

Friday evening I went with my Mother In Law and my brother in law's girlfriend to Costco to get some things for my BIL's birthday bash on Sunday. We had some fun girl time! After our shopping trip I grabbed my boys and we headed over to Nate's parents house to help get things ready for the party. We just ordered pizza and hung out. It was nice.

Saturday morning we got up and decided to make a roadtrip. Nate had found a couple of trucks in a town about 2 hours away and we had nothing better to do so we loaded up and went. It was good to get away and just have a nice road trip with my boys! Mason was on his best behavior and was so enjoyable. The trucks were a bust...but the company, conversation and just family time? That was a major win. And of course we couldn't go through Temple without stopping at Buc-ee's. Such a fun store! We wandered around looking at everything and left with some fountain drinks, beaver nuggets, and a gold digging kit for Mason. He was ecstatic and couldn't believe he was 'only five and had real gold'!!! He talked about it for a solid 20 minutes before we asked him to please put his headphones on! haha. We love him and love that he was excited, but man alive. One can only talk about gold for so long. He was cute, though! 

 photo IMG_7603_zpsbemj0vfv.jpg  photo IMG_7618_zpsm8ly3o73.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zpsqj4wccpk.jpg

When we got home Nate and Mason got busy digging for his gold. And by 'they' I mean Nate. He said it was kind of difficult. Mason watched, dusted and played with the magnifying glass. About an hour later we met my family for dinner at El Fenix. It was delicious and nice to visit with them. 

 photo IMG_7606_zpsq9fcguio.jpg  photo IMG_7619_zpsdhmo59ta.jpg  photo IMG_7620_zps8uc1jgsk.jpg

Sunday morning Nate went into work for some overtime and Mason and I slept in and then went to get groceries. Then back to get ready for Nate's brother's 21st birthday bash. His parents rented a building in a town nearby and Ty invited his closest friends and family. Despite a fire alarm that was accidentally pulled and blared for 25 minutes before the volunteer fire department saved us, it was a great party! We truly are surrounded by some amazing people. 

 photo IMG_7621_zpshuzlue4a.jpg  photo IMG_7622_zpsgodnxwaw.jpg

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, sorry your little man was sick before it though! Road trips are always fun, and that cake is so pretty!

  2. that looks like such a fun weekend!!! i LOVE tat headband you have on! now am i losing my mind, or did you get a new blog design too? forgive me if i'm wrong, i'm slightly new here :)

  3. Oooh looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! Awww and Mason and his gold?! That is too cute! I love the photos. What a happy weekend! Hope you guys have a great week up ahead. =)

  4. What a great weekend.
    You three always seem to take the coolest little road trips, and have the cutest little stores and restaurants to visit.
    Love hearing about how excited Mason was about his "gold." And don't you just love when a kids toy/project/etc. becomes the parents task? HA!

  5. It looks like an amazing weekend! I miss you friend! I always look forward to catching up via your posts! Lol

  6. Saturday with your boys sounds perfect! I love your brother in law's cake!


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