{Things to do in my town // Waxahachie TX}

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Linking up with Kailyn Marie for Thursday Coffee Dates. Today's theme is things to do in your city. I found the link-up through my friend Jasmine and was so excited. I love where we live. 

Our town is fairly small and there isn't a whole lot of things to do here. We don't have a mall, or a Top Golf, or anything of the like. However, we do have a few little gems in our town that we love to visit. 

Omas Jiffy Burger

You can go get yourself a greasy burger and bottled coke at our favorite hamburger joint, Oma's Jiffy Burger. It's been a Waxahachie staple for years and years. I love the old time diner atmosphere of Oma's, but Mason likes to sit in their covered outdoor sitting area. Either way, we love this place.

Waxahachie Courthouse

Once you're done with your burger you can head just across the way and visit our townsquare/courthouse and all the neat antique shops nestled around the courthouse. I may be biased, but I think we have one of the coolest courthouses and square. At our downtown area you can find events like Junk in the Trunk, Summer movie nights, Texas Country Reporter Festival, mini Grand Prix races, etc.

Doves Nest Waxahachie TX

While you are downtown before to visit the Dove's Nest. It's a very unique antique store & boutique. They also serve lunch. So, if you're not full from your Oma's Jiffy Burger grab you some lunch at the Dove's Nest. 

Rogers Hotel Waxahachie TX

Also, be sure to visit the Historic Rogers Hotel. It's rumored to be haunted. They've recently opened a Japanese restaurant called Toshio's there and it's fabulous. Nathan and Mason also go to the barber shop at the bottom of the hotel. It's neat and setup just like an old time barber shop.

Boyce Feed Waxahachie TX

Boyce Feed Waxahachie TX

And while you're still in the downtown area hop on over to Boyce Feed and Grain. One of the coolest feed stores ever. They also sell other things like decor, boots & clothes, jewelry, etc. They've built on to the feed store in the last few years, but they kept the original building and still use it. I love that they didn't tear down this piece of history.

Catfish Plantation - Waxahachie TX

Catfish Plantation - serving souls & spirits - is also a must visit. This is another Waxahachie staple. It's been featured on many different TV shows and is another place that is haunted. Click here to read the history of the place. The restaurant is in an old victorian house and is super cool! They have books upon books of stories of haunted things that have happened over the years.

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Waxahachie is also home to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival that comes every April & May. We've never been to this one, but maybe one day. I know a lot of people come from all over to this festival.

Bethlehem Revisited Waxahachie

And my favorite - during the month of December be sure to visit Bethlehem Revisited. You can walk the streets of Bethlehem on the night of Christ's birth. This was one of the neatest things I have ever done and I was so happy to share this night with Mason. This is a definite must!

Did you join in on this linkup? Leave me the link. Or do you have posts similar to this? I'd love to learn more about your town!


  1. your townsquare is SO cute!! and that haunted plantation sounds so fun to see!!

  2. Your town is adorable! Seriously, the cutest!

  3. Your little town puts mine to shame!! That haunted hotel looks fun and I would love to walk Bethlehem in December!!

  4. Your town looks so cute! Thanks for sharing! We are looking into living in Midlothian when we move back to Texas, so it's nice to see that Waxahachie is so close and has such cute things to do! Bethlehem Revisited looks so neat!

  5. I just want to hang out on the stoop/porch of the Feed Store. Can I do that? haha

  6. I just love that you are not too far from me! Besides driving through, I don't know that I have ever been to Waxahacie, but now I have a great list for things to do if we do head that way!

  7. Your town square and courthouse are amazing!
    I love all the small town touches to each thing you highlighted. It is all so adorable and welcoming!


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