{July Goals}

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  • blog 4-5x a week
  • answer emails/comments quicker
  • comment on more blogs
  • drink more water and less diet soda
  • exercise 4-6x a week
  • do a squat challenge
  • zumba at least 2x a week
  • be more intentional in my time with my boys
  • teach Mason how to tie shoes
  • get a library membership and take Mason a couple times a week
  • start a new bible study
  • spend quiet time outside in the word in the mornings before the day starts
  • read bible stories to Mason
  • take more pics with big camera, less iPhone
  • clean out Mason's room
  • take items to the donation box in town
  • read at least 2 books
  • send snail mail to friends
  • sign Mason up for Lego or Superhero camp
PS - I got the wonderful goal template above from the sweet Beth over at Our Pretty Little Girls

What are your goals for the month of July?


  1. Literally sounds like my goals! I have been wanting to get my daughter a library membership for a while and go to story time! It is so hard to keep up with blogging , that always seems to be a goal!

  2. I want to do a squat challenge too! If you find a good one let me know!

  3. I love your goals. All are very obtainable but the best part is that they make you DO something rather than just check something off a list.

  4. Love these! Especially the snail mail and real camera goals. And super hero camp? How fun!

  5. I think we need to do a squat challenge together! How about you, me and Ashley do one right now! :) Now to go find one...haha.

  6. I'm loving all these goals that are popping up! I need to make some goals myself.
    We just started utilizing our library membership and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long! Not only do I love browsing the books but I've been so surprised at how much Marcus enjoys going to the library too!
    I've also been using my "good" camera more. Though it's kind of a hassle to bring along sometimes, I just adore the quality of pics that come from it versus the phone.
    Loving those workout goals, too!!

  7. We are bad about using our DSLR now too :( It's so much handier with the iphone :(

    Reading bible stories to Mason <3 Precious!! I can't wait to do that with our kids!

  8. Less phone photos and more from my camera is def something I gotta work on too! Good luck!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!