{Mason's 5 year well check}

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Friday 6/26 we had Mason's five year well check appointment. I always look forward to his appointments {well checks, of course} because that means we get to see his amazing doctor. She is always so encouraging and I leave there feeling so blessed by her. She will greet you with a giant hug and leave you with the sweetest words of affirmation on how well you're raising your child. Mason adores her, as do we. She really takes her time with you and is so personable. And one of the things I love about our pediatrician is that she is a mother to two boys...so, she will also give you her mommy opinion. We appreciate that so much. And it's so obvious how much she loves her patients. 

She examined Mason and of course said he was perfect. ;) She kept complimenting on how smart and cute he was. Mase didn't have to get any shots at this appointment, so he was ecstatic. Dr. Sweet didn't have any concerns as far as Mason's health or development and was quite happy with him. 

Mason's stats:
Weight - 39.4 lbs {38-39%}
Height - 43 in {48%}
BMI - 15 {35-36%}

I still can't believe he's all growed up to FIVE. Someone please find out how to make the time slow down and share the secret with me. ;)


  1. Your doctor sounds amazing, what a blessing! I can't believe he is 5 and I can't believe my littlest is about to be 4! What is happening to our baby boys???

  2. Your doctor sounds amazing! We love Mason's pediatrician too so I always look forward to his (well) visits as well! Such a sweet boy!

  3. Your doctor sounds like she is awesome.
    And, yay for great check ups! How do our babies grow up so quickly?!!

  4. Yes to making it slow down. It's great when you have an awesome ped right? Makes you feel so much better about calling in and asking questions etc.

  5. Good to hear things went good, and no shots for a while.
    My daughter is also five, so I'm glad I found your blog, I like "meeting" other moms with kids the same age!


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