{Summertime bucket-list // update}

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I can't believe how fast summer is flying by! I should have known, though, because Mase starts Kindergarten {wahhhh} in August. I am trying to milk every last second of these sweet summer days with him. We are steadily knocking things off of our spring/summer bucketlist. I started this back in the spring...but spring-time in Texas is so short that I extended it to summer-time as well. 

+ have park dates after I pick up Mason from school >> changed this one to 'swim dates' at the YMCA - because 1.) it's Texas and too hot for the park and 2.) it's summer and Mason isn't in school. It's so nice to be able to take a dip in the pool after a long hot summer day...or a good workout at the gym! 

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+ go to Texas Rangers opening Day >> I can't believe I didn't post about this! It must have completely slipped my mind, or I was too busy at that time. Because Opening Day is such a big deal to us! We had a fabulous time. Texas Rangers Opening Day should be a recognized holiday...I'm just saying!

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+ visit the Waxahachie Farmer's Market >> Mason and I went last Saturday and I was so disappointed. There was hardly anything there. Only one stand actually had fruits & veggies and then there were other random things like jams & jellies, straw hats and a jewelry stand. I am thinking it's probably much better in the early Fall. We will try again then. We did get some peaches, apples, plums and blue berries and Mason got to make a cool Venus Fly Trap. So, it wasn't a complete bust.

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+ put out our hummingbird feeders >> I put them out, but haven't seen very many hummingbirds yet. I am not sure why. Last year they came several times in the morning and several times in the evening. We'll keep waiting!

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+ bike rides >> Mason got a new bike, but Nate and I still need new ones. We've taken him for rides a few times. We like to go in the evenings when it's cooler! And I can get sunset pictures. :)

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+ go to Canton >> Post here and here

+ camping trips >> Posts here, here, and here

+ take Mason fishing >> Post here

+ plan Mason's birthday party >> Post here

+ go to Round Top, TX >> Post here

+ play outside until sundown  >> all day everyday!

+ snowcone dates >> this is almost a daily thing, too! haha. it's hot in Texas!

+ go to the bluebonnet trail/festival in Ennis >> Post here and here

+ kindergarten roundup/registration >> we went & conquered, but I can't find any pictures. It went well and we met so many nice people. I only cried a few times. 

+ go to antique alley >> Post here

+ DISNEYWORLD!!!! >> Posts here

These are pretty much a fail...

+ take Mason to the Zoo >> Um, no! This one was definitely added in the Spring. We've reached the miserable hot weather in Texas so this one will have to be moved to the Fall. 

+ start/play T-Ball >> This season was craaaaaazzay! The wild spring we had this year rained out 5 or 6 of our games. That's more than half. They tried making them up, but it just kept raining and then it was time for summer ball to start. We really weren't that mad about it. haha. One post here

+ sit on the porch with a fire in the chiminea >> Oh I wish! But there was a bad storm while we were in Disney World and it took down a tree which slammed on to my chiminea and shattered it to pieces. So sad! I loved that thing. I will be getting a new one in the Fall.

+ plant/buy flowers for the porch >> only kind of a fail. I replanted 1 pot and created 2 more. And then one was given to us by family! 

+ take the dogs to the lake/creek >> We no longer have Gunner {post to come} and Diesel isn't a lake/creek type of dog. 

Still left to do...

+ grill out dates at home
+ pick up food and have a park date/picnic on a Friday night
+ have suppers on the patio
+ go on hikes and long walks
+ go to the drive in movies
+ take a different class at the gym
+ play with sidewalk chalk
+ play in the rain
+ take Summer pictures
+ knock some things off our Texas bucketlist
+ go to Ranger games
+ clean out our garage
+ major Spring cleaning and purging {aka Mason's room}

Do you have a summer-time bucketlist? How's it coming along?


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Love! Love! Love! Seriously, everything about this post! So much fun! I was just saying last night how we need to go check out Fort Worth's Farmers Market one weekend. On a side note, where did you find your Rangers shirt? It's super cute and frankly, I need some new Rangers gear. Hope you have an amazing weekend planned!

  2. I love that you have a bucket list! So fun you got to go to the Rangers games and I just love all the swim time! That is THE best!

  3. Dang, girl!! Y'all have knocked a lot off of the list already!! Sounds like a great summer so far!

  4. I've always wanted to do a "bucket list" for a season like this but I can never get organized enough! I love all the stuff you guys have done!! Also, I totally need to do a major PURGE in my boys' bedroom... ohhhhh my gosh it's bad!

  5. You guys have been having so much fun!!!! I love it. You have some great things on your summer bucket list. I've been slacking at updating ours, but we have been progressing along nicely. After this weekend, I can check a bunch more off and hopefully make a post to share :)

  6. Your bucket list is really coming right along, and you've done so many awesome things.
    The sunset pics you've shared have been marvelous. Keep them coming! We sort of have a sunset season, and sadly, summer is not it. So, seeing the gorgeous sky other places is a welcomed treat on IG! :)

  7. You are killin' your list! I haven't even looked at ours in weeks. I'm sure we've done a few things but this post was the perfect reminder.

  8. WHOA! You have done such a great job even with the ones you had to take off. So sorry to hear about your chimnea. That really stinks.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!