{Loves // Hates}

I was tagged by sweet Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side for a little love/hate post. A post of 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. And then I tag 10 other bloggers to join in. It took me approximately 1 minute to fill in all of my loves {and I could have kept going}, but I had to dig deeper for the things I don't love so much. 

 photo loves1_zpsohchsdet.png + Jesus
+ My family & friends
+ Photographs
+ Traveling, Camping & staying in cabins anywhere and everywhere
+ Planners. stationary, pens, etc.
+ Fall & everything about it
+ Mason jars, burlap and anything rustic
+ Jeeps
+ Sunsets
+ Texas

 photo hates1_zpscvpklqqc.png
+ Getting off track {diet, exercising, work, life, anything}
+ Storms & Tornados
+ Snakes {no matter how big or small}
+ Cancer
+ The sad state of the world we live in today
+ That I can't protect Mason from everything
+ Mosquitos {especially when they sneak into your bedroom and attack you in your sleep}
+ The distance between Texas and Tennessee {where my grandparents live}
+ Doing the dishes
+ How fast time passes by

I tag:

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What do you love/hate?


  1. These are some of my favorite types of post! Thanks for the tag!!
    I'm right there with you on Jesus, Fall (even though we don't get much of that season in SoCal), Jeeps and sunsets! Also on board with the snakes, inability to protect my little from everything, and the fleeting passage of time.

  2. XO! These are fun... I feel like it's such a quick way to get to know someone :) And yes I share your dislike of mosquitos!! They love me, unfortunately.

  3. Wyatt is obsessed with "beeps" since his Pop has one. Sean's even been looking into getting one. I have a feeling I know what Wyatt's first vehicle will be. haha!

  4. Mosquitos are the worst!!! I can not relax if I know that one is in the house.

    Love your lists. Theses posts have been so much fun to read.

  5. I HATE mosquitoes. And I live in Colorado where we don't have many (I grew up in TX though), but the few that are here always find me!

  6. Oh man, I agree with so much! Give me all the Mason jars and the fall related stuff! Even though we don't really have fall here, I like to pretend. Fall is my favorite!

  7. Yes to all of this. Especially not being able to protect our kids from everything, and how fast time passes. Both those resonate a lot lately.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!