{Getting crafty with it}

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It's no secret that it's been insanely busy around here lately...but somehow I have managed to sneak in a few crafts!! I've recently made a few burlap wreaths, started our gallery wall, and made a chicken wire photo frame. 

Lets start with the burlap wreaths. I have been wanting to make one of these for a couple of years now. I've only pinned about 917 of them on Pinterest, but something kept intimidating me. I thought it was super complicated. Then I found this video on YouTube. And then I was mad at myself for not looking this up sooner. So simple! It took me about an hour to make it, but it was my first time and I had a few distractions {ahem...cute little five year old boy}. And there are so many options with things you can embellish it with. I went with a turquoise H and burlap & turquoise bow to match our porch. I am in love with it. Oh and I was able to find all of the materials {wreath form, burlap, ribbon, paint, wood letter h} at Walmart. We are getting a Hobby Lobby here, but it will not open until September. My craftin' little heart is so anxious. September can't get here quick enough.

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Then I made a couple more. I remember Nate's mom really liking the wreath and wanting me to teach her how to do it...so I made her one. I wanted to do something for her as a Thank You for taking Mason to swimming lessons all week...and this was perfect. I left hers bare because I knew she would want to change it up through the seasons and holidays. I did add a red burlap bow because that's pretty versatile...but it's easily removable. She added some American Flags to it for the 4th of July and it looks so cute. 

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And next I made a patriotic one!! I made this with the smaller wreath form and I have to say I think it's harder to make a small one! The spacing to pull the burlap through isn't very wide. My fingertips were raw when I was done from pulling the burlap!! But, it was worth it because I am in love with it. We are taking it with us this weekend on our camping trip to decorate with...but after that I am going to leave it up year round somewhere around my house!! America!!!!!

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My next project was starting our gallery wall. I don't know why I have been putting this project off either. I think the most difficult part was finding a starting point. My mother in law gifted me the large picture frame in the center for my birthday and I knew it would be the start to our gallery wall. {I keep thinking I want to paint it. yes? no?} And then I finally had photographs printed to put in the frame! Some of the items on the wall may be just a placeholder for now, but I am loving the way its coming together. This is on the hallway going to the laundry room and our bedroom. You can see it from the living room. 

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The last project I created is my chicken wire photo frame. We went to Glen Rose, TX a couple weekends ago and visited some antique shops. I saw a few chicken wire photo frames and fell in love with them, but not the price tag. They were $28+. I knew that I could make something for a lot cheaper. And I am glad I waited because a few minutes later we walked into another antique store and I found the perfect frame to create this project. My brother in law raises chickens and had plenty of chicken wire for me to use! So for $8 {plus the cost to print the photos - approx $3.00 } I made my own chicken wire photo frame! I am in love with it. I printed a few of my Instagram pictures because they are a 4x4 size. I knew that anything else would be too large and not look right. I used photos that I have taken of sunsets, around home & our hometown, our Jakey boy and of course the "Hall" part of  Gruene Hall. My original thought was to switch out the photographs often, but I am in love with this set and it will be hard to change them out!

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Oh, and I am addicted to the 4x4 Instagram prints!! I want to put them everywhere!! 

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Over 4th of July weekend we will be going to Canton First Monday and I can't wait. I will be looking for more crafting projects as well as items for my gallery wall.

Have you made any crafts lately? Share! Do you print your IG pics? If so, what company do you use?


  1. Ahh! I LOVE your frame wall! I just finished my own in my living room! Yours looks AWESOME! Very Pinterest worthy! :)

  2. I love all of your projects! Your house looks adorable! I've been wanting to make a chicken wire frame to hang me favorite earrings on and keep out in my bathroom!! I also love the Sweet Tea & Jesus sign.

    Basically I love all of this so I just added your blog on bloglovin.

  3. So many cute things!!!
    I adore that American burlap wreath. If creating those wreaths is as easy as you say, I need to look that up asap.
    Your gallery wall is amazing! I keep saying we need to create a gallery wall, but something keeps me at bay. I think, like you, I'm a little intimidated with where to start. Gah. I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I just love how yours turned out!!

  4. WooHoo! Look at you, you have been crafty. It looks great, I especially love the chicken wire photo frame. Great job

  5. I love it all girl you totally out did yourself. It looks so good and like you said worth it in the end.

  6. What great crafts! I absolutely love burlap and those wreaths are to die for!

  7. You've been busy indeed! I LOVE your front porch! Hubs and I are planning to build one day not to long from now and my number one wish is a HUGE front porch! :D I also love the gallery wall! The only thing you're missing is some hoop art ;) #justsaying

  8. I love it ;) Looks so adorable!!

  9. Everything turned out amazing! You are one productive lady! That pic of Mason in the sunglasses is too cute for words. And I'm gonna steal that chicken wire frame idea. Such an easy way to swap out photos often.

  10. I love your wreaths! And my vote is no on painting the frame. I love the wood!

  11. Love your new layout. Super cute. I need to make one of these for christmas to hang on my balcony :)

  12. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Crafty lady! I LOVE ALL OF THESE! Seriously, those burlap wreaths are perfection. I love the American one! I always thought it was SO hard to make one of those too so I'll have to bookmark that YouTube video in case I feel brave and want to make one of these. And then that chicken wire frame?!?! LOVE. Will you do a tutorial on that? And where do you buy chicken wire if you aren't lucky enough to know someone who has some? I love that idea!

  13. I love that frame with the IG photos! So, so cute. I'm dying to make one now.. I'll have to find the chicken wire :)

  14. I love all of these ideas, especially the wreaths.


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