{Weekend Wrap-Up}

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Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe I am already saying that. Wasn't it just Friday at 4:00 when I logged off for the weekend? Where did the time go? So wild. Our weekend was mostly good. Friday we went to eat with Nate's parents and then back to enjoy a little fire. It was abnormally cool for July in Texas. It was just enough to tease us because it's back to hot and humid! 

Saturday morning I woke up before my boys and went outside for some Jesus time. I just love doing my bible study outside on the porch. When Nate and Mason woke up we decided to go to the 'Deer huntin' store' as Mason calls it {Cabelas}. We were excited because we haven't been in a while. But that all came to a great big halt the minute we got there. We were walking in the doors and Mason starts crying and throwing an epic fit because that wasn't the 'deer huntin' store' he wanted to go to. Apparently he thought we were going to Bass Pro Shop and he was ready to play in all of the boats. This was just the start of the fit-throwing-Saturday. I mean, it lasted all day. And this is why I said the weekend was mostly great. We swung by HEB on our way home to get some steaks to grill and I had to carry Mason out to the car kicking and screaming. Everyone was looking at us and I am sure they were thinking I either kidnapped him or beat him the way he was screaming "No please dont do it"....and all I was doing was carrying him! Goodness! It was quite the adventure. We got home and started playing outside and his attitude changed for the better! Whew! We spent the evening making homemade ice cream and hanging out by our chiminea with my inlaws. It ended up being a really nice weekend.

Sunday morning Nate got up with Gunner and took him to meet one of our friends who has Gunner's sister. They played together and swam together. He had a blast. I was wide awake at 7 am so I did what I do every other morning...grabbed my bible, some water, my phone and camera and went outside. I made some cinnamon rolls and woke Mason up around 10:30. We hung out on the porch for a while and then drove out to Waxahachie lake. We took Gunner. He played for a bit, but was too exhausted from his morning adventure. We came back home and made lunch. We spent the evening with family.

Oh and we have figured out what Mason's deal was on Saturday...another growth spurt! It's 11:46 am and he's still snoozing. And he was asleep before 10:00pm last night!

How was your weekend?
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  1. woah! And I thought I had a sleeper on my hands! Does he still take a nap too? That's crazy and awesome for you!

  2. We had a good weekend. Quiet but good.

  3. Im loving the new blog design and colors looks good Momma. Poor Mason I know those days.

  4. I know I commented on IG about it, but I just LOVE that first picture so much! Perfection.

  5. Oh no! Lachy's been going through that screaming fit phase! It's horrible and nearly always when there's an audience! Hope Mason settles soon! (Love the new blog look btw!)

  6. That picture is gorgeous! I am so glad you had a great weekend. :)


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