{Update on Mason - glasses & eye patch wearing}

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I wrote in this post about Mason having Intermittent Exotropia and needing glasses and eye patch therapy. I wanted to write a follow up of sorts.

We are two weeks in and Mason has done so well with wearing his glasses and doing his eye patch therapy! I was worried that when the 'new' of the glasses wore off that he would be totally over his glasses and not want to wear them. But, {knock on wood} that hasn't happened yet.

We usually do eye patch therapy in the evenings after supper and playing outside. We all pile into our bed, put a movie on the iPad and start a time on one of our phones. Sometimes if he is doing well and not asking about the timer I will add a few extra minutes {to the normal 45 minutes}. Now...getting the iPad away from him at bedtime is a battle.

I feel like the therapy is working and the eye is getting stronger. I haven't noticed it nearly as much throughout the day. Also, the other day I challenged him to a staring contest and he obliged! I watched his eye intently and never saw it drift. Normally this is when it would happen {focusing/concentrating} on something.

His follow up appointment is Tuesday, Sept 8th and we are praying for good results!!! 


  1. Awww! I love his glasses, but I hate to tell ya...he's looking much older! :)

  2. glad that it's working! Such a good mama, keeping up with the one eye therapy.

  3. I'm so glad the treatment is working!! (and also that i'm not the only one having i-pad battles) He really suits his glasses, very handsome!

  4. You go, kid!

    Love the specs!

    I've worn glasses since age 5 (54, now), due to nearsightedness.

    Design has vastly improved since the 60's that's for sure.





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