{Masons Ophthalmology apt}

I've been sitting here staring at this screen for almost 30 minutes now trying to decide how to start this post. Yesterday was such a long/whirlwind of a day and I am kind of exhausted! 

I guess let's back up to Mason's 4 year old well check the Friday before last. This apt was the first one where they have actually done an eye exam on him. They took Mason out in the hall and had him identify some shapes. Then they sent him several feet back to test his vision. He did good until she went down to the row of the same shapes, but smaller. Mason kept saying he didn't know what she was pointing at. I could see a little grin on his face so I told the nurse that Mason has been very curious about my glasses and wanting to wear them so he may not have been 100% honest. She thanked me and said that she would try again at the end of his apt without me being present.

Dr Sweet came in and started examining him. I noticed that she spent a solid 5 minutes looking at his eyes and having him do different things over and over. When she was done she asked me if I had been noticing anything about his right eye. I told her yes, that we have noticed it drifts outward at times. It's mostly when he is focusing on something, or when he is really tired. Dr. Sweet said that she saw that too and suggested that we see an pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as we could. He wasn't showing any signs of impaired vision, having headaches or squinting, but without proper treatment he certainly could. She said that mostly likely they would want Mason to wear an eye patch on the strong eye to help strengthen the weak eye. And in some cases surgery may be required.

Other than that he was a completely healthy four year old boy!

Fast forward to yesterday. We went to the Ophthalmologist that Dr Sweet suggested. They had a location in Mansfield, which wasn't too far from us. And the practicing Doctor there had been one that she suggested. We walked in for our 7:30 am {gasp} apt and there was already one other family in the waiting room. We checked in and I began filling out five pages of information. By the time I was finished the waiting room was full. It wasn't even 7:45 yet! 

They call Mason back and the nurse {not sure nurse is the proper title for her} and she starts asking questions and examining him. She had him do the normal vision test, and also 2 tests with 3-D glasses and another with colored glasses. Then we waited for the Dr. About 10-15 minutes later he comes in and examines Mason. He used all kinds of interesting tools. He told us that Mason has Intermittent Exotropia. He said they'd be in shortly to put drops in his eyes to dilate them so that he can take a more in depth look. Long story short, they put the drops in...send us to a dark waiting room for about 30 minutes...then measure Mason's eyes...and send us to wait on the dr again. He examines Mason again and asks us if either of us wore glasses at an early age. Then finishes his exam. Afterwards he says, "Surprise, Mason is near sided and needs glasses." and then told us we would also need to patch Mason's strong eye for 45 minutes each day. And that hopefully with the combination of the glasses and the patch it will help the weak eye and eliminate the need for surgery. Then sent us to the front where they were supposed to 'take care of us'. 

 photo Masonglasses2_zps4d814e29.jpg
 photo Masonglasses6_zps9de55754.jpg
 photo Masonglasses3_zpsfa7797e8.jpg
 photo Masonglasses4_zps2a8d36c6.jpg
Restless and tired of being there!
The lady at the front pulls up his chart, charges us $208 bucks and hands me a pamphlet on Dyslexia {what?}, my receipt and Mason's eye prescription. At this point I was so frustrated and jumbled with thoughts. I asked her about the eye patches he was supposed to wear. And she says, Oh I didn't catch that. Then asks me how old Mason was and hands me a sample eye patch {almost like a bandaid}. I asked her about Mason's glasses and she said "oh you can do that here or wherever you prefer." We just gathered everything and left. 3 hours was long enough to be there, we'd figure out everything else on our own. 

I mean, I am thankful that we got answers and a diagnosis for Mason...but I don't think we'll be returning there.

We got in the truck and I called mine and Nathan's eye doctor. Our optician is fabulous and told us to come on over. He took such great care of us after a not so pleasant experience at the other place. When we walked in he already had Mason added as a new patient and our insurance information entered. We were helping Mason try on glasses while Spencer was finalizing a couple of things. Mason was very particular in what he wanted! He wouldn't try on anything we suggested. Spencer was able to get him to try on some, though. He picked out a pair and Spencer confirmed they would be great. Mason chose Ray Bans! They are so cute! Our insurance requires that all glasses are sent to the lab rather than made in office. However, they do make some exceptions. Spencer entered in Mason's condition to the system and they approved us to be able to have Mason's glasses made right there in the office! So we waited and hung out for those. Spencer also called our eye doctor, who was on vacation, to see if he would see Mason for his follow up apt so that we didn't have to go back to the other place. He agreed!! Such a blessing.

 photo Masonglasses8_zps2660e485.jpg
 photo Masonglasses7_zps72da6ac2.jpg

Mason loves his glasses and was so great about them yesterday! I love that he is so cool!! 

 photo Masonglasses1_zps30fe83ed.jpg

If you can and will, please pray that this helps strengthen Mason's weak eye. I can't even bear the thought of him needing surgery. It's too hard on my Mama heart.          


  1. Glad that you got answers but I know the first eye apt was very frustrating I have gotten stuck with a few of those and wonder how they even stay open. Hopefully his weak eye will strengthen and he will not need surgery

  2. Oh, but he is so cute with glasses!

  3. Glad you got some answers! Hoping this will strengthen him. He is the cutest in those glasses! :)

  4. What a rough day! I am surprised at "professionals" sometimes because they act like they don't know what they are doing. I hate waiting FOREVERRR! It's like the worst thing ever. I hope that Mason's eye is corrected using the patch and eyeglasses, and hopefully he won't have to wear corrective lenses in the near future. Wearing glasses/contact lens can be such a hassle (and expense), doesn't it?

  5. dang, sorry about a rough first apt. receptionists can make or break an office in my opinion. Some are so snotty. or stupid. do your job! Glad you got everything sorted out though and definitely will keep him in my prayers for no surgery needed. and he is such a cutey in those glasses. he sounds like he was so brave, I'm totally in need of glasses but I'm such a big baby about people near my eyes that I refuse to make an appt. oy.

  6. We prayed last night for Mase. He will get better. Love yall.

  7. Awww he is so cute with his glasses! My son had a similiar issue at the same age & had to wear a patch for awhile each day.....he hated it & would cry because he couldn't see very well. Thankfully it did get better. Hang in there :-)


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