{A random post // Mason and Gunner}


Goodness, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Call it a blogging rut...or just being plain exhausted. Puppy training is hard y'all. I haven't done this in over 7 years or so and forgot just how taxing it truly is. And then throw in a four year old that doesn't quite understand "puppies" just yet. Mason loves him dearly, but gets so frustrated with him. He isn't loud & stern enough with his no's and Gunner thinks he is playing instead. 

Tiring, I tell ya.

Nate was selected for Jury Duty that lasted 6 days. So, he was mentally exhausted when he got home.

Plus, the whole puppy potty training thing. Ugh! Gunner is real good about going outside, but homeboy is also perfectly fine with popping a squat in the house. I blame it on the fact that the boy never touched grass until the week before I got him. And, well, he is a boy.

Lucky they're so dang cute. ;)

 photo 17_zps0f70138a.jpg
 photo 16_zpsd7709a08.jpg

In other news...

We are addicted to Ozzy's, a snowcone place around the corner from us. Like seriously. Plus, it's a million degrees in Texas and what better way to cool off?

 photo 10460323_10152081610641148_3459624236472817049_n_zps8e371656.jpg

I started the Sermon on the Mount bible study with She Reads Truth this morning. I am excited! And, I love starting each day out in the Word.

 photo FreedomMaker_zpsf3322584.jpg

This weekend we are camping at Mill Creek Resort in Canton, TX. It's a super nice park with 2 awesome pools and a whole bunch of Fourth of July festivities to boot. I am excited, but also exhausted already. It will be our first trip with the puppy. And 6 people and 1 pup in a camper. Whew!

That's about it, I think.

Do you have any Fourth of July plans?      


  1. Those pictures are just the sweetest... melt my heart!!
    But you have a lot on your plate right now! I can imagine what an adjustment it is to add a puppy to the family! You all will get it figured out soon :) Good luck, mama!

  2. I bet yall will have so much fun! Gunner is so adorable, I love seeing his pictures every day!

  3. Yes! puppies are so cute but they are so much work. I'm not sure I'll be ready to sign myself up for that until Aria is 13. Glad I did the puppy thing like....8 years ago, wow can't believe my pups are that old. sigh. those pics are too cute though! have fun camping!

  4. Have fun in Canton! I was going to try to make a haul this weekend but with the 4th we won't make it this month. :( Have fun!!! Those pictures of the boys are too precious! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, those pictures are perfection.

  6. I like that name "Gunner". Mason and Gunner look so adorable in that picture! We are waiting to get a dog til next year because of how much work they require!


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