{It's the little things - Jesus and Sweet Tea}

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Nate is back to work this week, which means that I get early duty with Gunner. Last week when he was on Jury Duty he didn't have to be there until at least 9...so he took the early shift and I took the rest of the day shift! Anyhow, I have enjoyed it so far. Did I really just say that? Enjoying waking up early? Who am I? ha.

But it's been nice. I grab Gunner, my bible and some sweet tea and head on outside. Our porch is shady at this time and there is just enough breeze to keep cool and comfortable. The birds are chirping and flying all around, rabbits are stirring, Gunner runs about and plays and explores (and terrorizes the cat) and Mason is in sweet slumber. 

Plus, starting the day off in the word is amazing for my soul!

I just started the Sermon on the Mount with She Reads Truth, but I'm also doing their study on Ruth. I just love that chapter in the bible.

How do you start off your day?


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  1. I love how you start your day off! Bible and sweet tea sounds really good. I should try it out one day :-) I start off my day by taking care of Maylee hah, but, lately, the first thing I really do for myself is go running around the neighborhood. The endorphins make me feel so good and really to tackle the day ahead!

  2. haha my day is never off to such a smooth start. I drag myself out of bed whenever Aria makes me, and it isn't even that early. I hate mornings! Although I'm so much more productive then. I'd still rather be sleeping though =) love the new look!

  3. What a great way to start the day!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!