{Oh Hey Friday!}

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Wednesday I wrote about Mason's ophthalmology appointment {here} and Mason needing glasses and wearing an eye patch. Well, he has taken it like a champ! He is doing so good and we are so very proud of him. He wears his glasses all day and then we do an hour in the evening with the eye patch on. This boy makes me so proud!

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Gunner is 10 weeks today! I feel like I can watch him growing when I look at him. His feet are ginormous! And he is loosing his baby face and looking more 'grown' to me. He has fit in so well with our family! We just love him. He loves to chase the kitten, play outside and chew on anything and everything that he possibly can. 

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Mason asked his Daddy to take his training wheels off of his bike this week. {gasp} Is he really old enough for this? Oh my mama heart. He hasn't quite got the whole 'balancing' thing down yet. But, I am sure he will with the blink of an eye...that's how things seem to roll around here. 

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Okay, so I admit, I was so spoiled to not having to wake up until 8 am, walk 15 steps and be in my office!! Gunner now gives me an 6 am wake up call. Ugh! I really don't mind it in the morning...actually I enjoy it. I love spending time with Jesus, doing my bible study and just watching nature. My favorite are the hummingbirds. They are just so fascinating to me. And they are starting to get used to me and don't brisk away so quickly. I could just sit and watch them all day! I'm using a sugar/water recipe in the feeders. I've heard you can use honey, but I am not sure the ratio. Have you ever tried it? Any secret recipe I should know about?

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I joined a bunch of bloggers in a "Christmas in July" thing where you shop for the blogger's child. The blog I was paired with, Jasam at Opulent Owl has a little girl and it was so fun to shop for her. I never get to shop for little girls! Of course I have a boy, but I also have 4 nephews...no nieces! I wanted to buy everything. Girls clothes are just cuter and their toys are more fun!

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Any plans?


  1. Aww Mason + his glasses - SO cute!! I really want to put a bird feeder on my porch as well! I think that would be so fun. Happy friday!

  2. I love Mase in his glasses! He needs to stop growing, seriously. Gunner and the kitty crack me up. Love snaps of them! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Mason is seriously just so cute in his glasses! How is he seriously old enough to have his training wheels off? Sydney isn't anywhere close to ready for that! Lol
    And the pup is just too cute!

  4. yay I'm glad you had fun shopping for a girl for a change =) Excited to see what everybody sent!
    So awesome that he is doing so well with the glasses and eye patch.
    I looove hummingbirds too! Don't see em too often though. A feeder would be fun.
    That pic of gunner on tip toe to see the kitten, so cute!

  5. I'm glad he's doing great adjusting with the glasses/eye patch. We used to have hummingbirds fly around our old place because our neighbor had a feeder.I would love to see some hummingbirds around here! Do you know how I can make them come? haha I wonder if they'll come around if I buy a feeder...

  6. Mason is so handsome in his glasses! So sorry you had to go through all that hoopla at his eye Dr appt. So glad it worked out for ya'll


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