{It's the Little Things - Mom's Bodyguard}

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Me: Mason, do you know what your shirt says?
Mase: No, what Mom?
Me: It says "Mom's Bodyguard"
he smiles big
Mase: But, you and Daddy will still protect me too, right?
Me: Of course baby. Always.
he pats my leg
Mase: Do you know why I love you and Daddy so much?
Me: Why baby?
Mase: Because y'all take care of me and protect me.
Me: Do you know why we love you so much?
Mase: Why?
Me: Because you are Awesome.
Mase: I'm not just awesome, I am really awesome. Remember that time we went to Wendy's and we came home and I built that truck all by myself? That was Awesome!

And that is reason 98712322154564967812 why I love this boy!

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  1. hahaha, he is so cute I can't stand it! I'm so looking forward to such random but awesome conversations with Aria.

  2. All these little precious moments love them

  3. OH MY GOSH. Seriously the most adorable conversation ever!!! Love it.

  4. Sweetest little one ever! Such a lucky mama.

  5. I love your hair that way. Seriously.

    I think being a girl Mom is fun, but I bet being a boy Mama is so much funnier.


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