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Happy Friday friends!! How was your week? Ours has been eventful, but not. We were all so busy and exhausted from the wedding and now that it's over we are able to breathe and just relax and get things done.

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Sunday night/Monday morning we woke up to our AC not working. It was on, but not blowing cold. Nate went outside and the unit wasn't even running. So we turned it off and tried to keep the windows and doors closed all day until Nate & his Dad could look at it after work. It wasn't too bad. We kept all of the fans going in every room. At 6:00pm when the guys got home it was only 76 degrees in the house...that's 18 hours after we turned the unit off completely. I am so thankful for the man that built our house and insulated it so well and went with the good windows!!! Anyhow, the guys started working on it as soon as they got home and Nate's dad thought it was just the capacitor. A few calls later and they were meeting someone to pick one up for $10 bucks! By 8pm we were back in business and back to having AC. Praising Jesus it was such an easy and inexpensive fix! 
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Tuesday we got a King size bed!!! {cue the angels singing} We've been in a queen for several years now, but have wanted a King. I slept like a baby last night! And sometime in the middle of the night Mason joined us and we still slept good!! 

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We got our puppy this morning!!! He's a 7 week old yellow lab. We are in love! I can't wait to see Mason grow up with the puppy! He actually hasn't even met him yet because he is still snoozing. And therefore he is not named yet! We have it narrowed down to a few...but want Mason to meet him first. Oh my goodness he is a cutie! Look....

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We actually have a pretty low key weekend ahead of us!! It's been a while since I have been able to say that! I can't wait to just be at home...hang out and relax and maybe grill some meals! I think tonight we are having dinner with some friends in downtown Waxahachie...but the rest of the weekend is open.

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We are planning an adults only beach trip this September with this gem and 2 other couples. We are looking at houses on the beach!! We already have plans to go on a charter fishing trip...guys against girls. We are going to Galveston, TX. Anything we should do while there? Guess I better get to dieting....


  1. Our trip made the blog! YES! lol i cannot even wait!! I'm thinking the "Seabreeze" house will take the cake, but i'm still doing my research. Also looking for tips on delicious local restaurants!

  2. Now that is some good insulation! Great that it was only ten bucks too.
    ahhh a puppy!!! Can't wait to hear the name and how that is going! 4, sounds like a great puppy age.
    yeehaw for a king sized bed. I wish they made em even bigger actually. I just love ours, but I could still spread out more haha.

  3. Holy moly! AMAZING insulation!!! We turn off the AC when we're at work and I'm sure it is not nearly as hot here as in Texas and it's 81 (at least) when we get home. You guys are so lucky!!
    YAY for a king size bed! When we got one about 2 years ago, it was so big, we weren't used to it. I like to sleep on the edge and I guess my husband does too...we couldn't even tell there was someone else in the bed! LOL


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!