{Mason is Four}

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Height - 41 inches
Weight - 34.8 lbs (as of a week and a half ago)
Size - 4T pants and tops
Shoes - 10

Nicknames - Mase, Masester, Mr. Masester Meister, Punkin, bud

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Oh Mason! You are growing entirely too fast. You are getting so independent {& opinionated} and you throw out the "but I am four" on the daily like it's your job! You throw less fits, but you have more attitude than ever. You are also in a stage of talking back and telling us "no" more often than not. And then you will turn around and have the best manners 30 seconds later. It's a rollercoaster, I tell ya.

Most of the time you are the sweetest little guy and your big heart melts me. You are very passionate about everything you do and never do anything half-ass. If you're going to do something, you do it big. You're getting more adventurous and mischievous by the minute and when it gets quiet I come running. That's usually when you're doing something you're not supposed to. You love to be in your room or outside. You never want to leave our house. It's a battle any time we have to go somewhere! 

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You're still very attached to Mama..and that's okay by me! Bedtime is a warzone. You always want Mama to lay down with you and it takes you almost 2 hours to fall asleep every single night. Your mind has a really hard time shutting down. I shouldn't complain, because you are so intelligent and inquisitive. 

You enjoy riding your bike {& you're getting so good at it}, your jeep and anything else that has wheels. We spend our evenings outside playing with friends, drawing with chalk, playing with the kittens, etc. Your favorite toys right now are Mama and Daddy's old cell phones & keys, legos, anything police or fireman related, Spiderman/Super Hero, and still monster trucks. You're pretty much addicted to toys. And you love to dress up in your Police costume, Fireman costume, or Spiderman costume...and you almost always have on some funny glasses, a mask or eye patch, etc.

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You're still the pickiest darn eater! You'd rather 'graze' all day than to eat a full meal. Your favorites are mac n cheese, grilled cheese, bread, vanilla wafers, squares {cinnamon toast crunch}, bananas, apples, applesauce, yogurt, milk & sweet tea. You still hate chocolate and peanut butter and will not touch anything that has the slighted brown color because you think it's either chocolate or PB. 

When you finally get to sleep at night you sleep pretty good. You're a night owl...love to stay up late and sleep late. Just like your Mama. Lately you have been going to sleep around 10 and sleeping until 9:30-11 am. 

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You may keep us on our toes, but we love you something fierce. Cannot imagine a world without you in it. 

The other day I did an interview with you, just for fun. Your answers slay me. You can't be serious for anything!!

What is your name? - Mason Buttaway
How old are you? - Five
What color is your hair? - Green
What color are your eyes? - Red
What is your favorite color? - Green
Favorite food? - Grilled Cheese
Favorite drink? - Grape soda
Favorite song? - Gangnam Style and the Ninja Turtle song
Favorite animal? - a Bear
What do you like to do with Mommy & Daddy? - Play
Favorite store? Toys R Us
Why do you like being a kid? - {laughs} because I love to play. And I love you and because I want a mom and dad.
Are boys gross? - Yes. No. Yes they are a little bit. But not big kid boys.
Why are boys gross? - Because they toot. And I toot too. A lot of boys toot...but not girls. They don't toot.
What do you want to be when you grow up? - Fireman, policeman, and a doctor
Who are your best friends? - You, Daddy, Big Tanner and little Tanner
How old is Mommy? - Four
How old is Daddy? - Four
Do you want a brother or sister? - uh huh. a white one.
Where is your favorite vacation? - Mason, TX and the beach
What is your favorite restaurant? - Mexicans
What makes your heart happy? - When stuff gets me warm.

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Can't wait to watch you in your fourth year. I'm sure it will have it's own challenges, but it sure has to be easier than the threes. We love you to the moon. #masonlane #mywild


  1. I love that his favorite restaurants is "mexicans" haha. I couldn't agree more with that ... anything mexican food related makes me happy!

  2. So perfect! I'm glad I'm not the only mama laying in bed with littles for about two hours!!!!

  3. I love his answer about a sibling. Given what he said his hair and eye color were, I wonder what other options there are besides white lol

  4. he is so cute! Our boys are 6 months apart, almost exactly. Love his answers to your questions. Favorite song, Gangnam Style, cracks me up! Looking forward to getting to know you better so I can send you an awesome Christmas in July gift :)

  5. "Mexicans" Hahahaha!

    Love that he has red eyes. :)

    Too cute, Mase.. too cute!


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