{It's just hair, right?}

If you're friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you've already seen this picture. I finally got my hair done yesterday. I had been putting it off for the longest time because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my hair. I wanted to cut it off, but was a big fat chicken. Well, I bit the bullet yesterday...

 photo Haircut_zps966b67a5.jpg

I have a love/hate relationship with it, if I am being honest. 

+ it feels better
+ it's blonde
+ it's different. It's fresh & new
+ I stepped out of my comfort zone
+ it will force me to 'fix' my hair everyday
+ Hubby says he likes it
+ it doesn't feel 'stringy' like it did with my long hair

- it's short. really short
- I already miss my long hair
- I don't know how to fix it yet
- when I woke up this morning all of my ends were flipping out. Not a good look for me.
- Mason said he likes my hair better when it goes down my back. 
- I can't put it in a pony tail anymore
- my hair feels really thick
- I think I need some layers or something to make it feel more choppy or something instead of being a straight-little-girl type of cut

So, I guess I am about 50/50. But, it's just hair. Right??

Have you ever cut your hair and partially regretted it, but kind of liked it too?


  1. hmm, well 50/50 ain't too bad. almost every time I've got my hair short I 100000% hate it. I like pony tails. and I'd never end up fixing it every day so it would look super terrible. sigh. I like yours though! It looks nice in that pic, but it's not on my head. (just get pregnant and it will be to your butt by the second trimester!)

  2. I partially regret it just about every time I cut it. I like it long, but also short! Wig please? Jk! Your new do is really cute!

  3. I think it looks fabulous. I love short hair in the summer. It's just so much cooler and easier!

  4. LOVE your hair! I love my hair short too but I'm too lazy to get up early enough in the mornings to actually do my hair so it has to stay long so I can put it up and throw a headband on. Love short hair in the summer!

  5. i think it looks super cute! i really like it!

  6. I love it!! It will take some getting used to, but short hair is SO EASY. (Says the girl who is struggling to grow her short hair out as we speak lol)

  7. I love your hair! It's super cute on you! LOVE LOVE LOVE


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!