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Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Mason, TX to camp with Nate's family and several other family friends. We left Friday morning, and of course had to stop by Cooper's for lunch. We got to Mason, TX sometime after 2 or 3 pm. The campsites we stayed at, City Park, were right on the golf course. The Rodeo arena, park and baseball fields were also in the same area as the campsites. We loved how open each site was and the amount of room you have to play. We were so glad that we brought Mason's Powerwheel Jeep. While the boys were hooking up the camper we took Mason to the park to play.

 photo MasonMap_zpsca7614eb.jpg

 photo Mason-SeeSaw_zpsad240fc1.jpg

 photo SeeSaws_zps899577a0.jpg

Not long after we were there it started pouring rain. So we all moved our chairs under the fifth wheel and just hung out and chatted. The rain lasted a good two hours or so. That evening we made salsa taco and just hung out with everyone.

Saturday some golfed and the rest of us went into the town of Mason to walk around. The weather was on and off with rain which made it hard to walk around a town square. Nathan, Mason and I did find this neat little bakery though. Mason had a cupcake and we sat and chatted with the owner and a young girl that competes in baking. So neat!

 photo Masontheexplorer2_zpsd2affd17.jpg
 photo MasontheExplorer_zpsab17c72b.jpg
 photo Mase-antiquestore_zps183a4d41.jpg
 photo Mason-bakeryinmason_zps55e4be9a.jpg
 photo Nate-bakeryinMason_zps56a8b181.jpg
 photo MasonBank_zps3598beff.jpg
 photo MasonCityHall_zps8b8b822f.jpg
 photo Masontx_zps9a56115f.jpg
 photo MasonFeedStore_zps41f6474a.jpg
 photo MasonHall_zpse2db6346.jpg
 photo MasonIceampStorage_zps67526507.jpg
 photo Antiquestore_zps803d6f37.jpg

That afternoon we checked out the rodeo arena area and just played. That evening we had a cornhole tournament before supper. It was so much fun! I think we had 7 or 8 teams of 2.  The kids ran around looking for chipmunks while we played.

 photo MasonFFA_zpsa2537cd6.jpg
 photo MasonFeedStoresign_zpsdb31d8b4.jpg
 photo Cornhole_zps2c0ddfa4.jpg

Sunday was Mason's birthday and the day we planned on going into Fredericksburg for lunch. We ate at Mamacitas and it was delicious. They put Mason in a sombrero and sang to him and gave him a bowl full of cherries....so he was happy! After lunch we walked around Fredericksburg, dodging rain and humidity. We went to a bakery that our best friend's aunt works at and she just happened to be working!! We all got ice cream and Mason also got a cookie. It was delicious and the atmosphere was great. 

 photo Mase-bday_zps7dd2cd72.jpg
 photo ClearRiver_zps1d38ea53.jpg
 photo ClearRiver1_zpsfc21d0a4.jpg
 photo ClearRiver2_zps44bb9faa.jpg

It poured the rest of the day/evening and wasn't showing any signs of letting up. So, Mason, Nathan and I decided to head home instead of waiting until the morning. I'm glad we did. It gave us all of Monday to hang out and get things done.

If you ever visit the Hill Country, I definitely suggest staying in Mason...or at least visiting it. It's so nice there!!  


  1. A trip to Mason for Mason's birthday! How sweet! :)

  2. What an awesome little town (and little man). The pic with Mason's head popping thru with the running body is hilarious!

  3. Loved all these pics. And yay I finally linked up. It's and old post. I need to get on the ball so I can start linkin' up new ones.


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