{Five on Friday // Snowcone Dates}

Happy Friday!!!

It's been a pretty good week. Nothing too eventful...except for chopping off my hair.  Linking up for Five on Friday.

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My brother in law is getting married next weekend. I've been asked to make Kelli's rehearsal bouquet out of her ribbons and bows from her shower gifts. Yikes! I'm excited, but nervous. Have you ever made one? Suggestions? Pinterest...here I come!

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Wednesday morning I was getting ready to leave for a breakfast meeting and there was a freakin' Bobcat on my sidewalk  {between our house and shop}. I wasn't sure where our Mama cat and her four babies were, so my first reaction was to scare it away. I slammed open the door and it took off running to the ranch next door. Nate asked why I didn't take a picture first. ha

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So...yesterday I took a kitten into town with me and didn't even know until I got home. It somehow climbed up into the front of my car, in my bumper area. I never heard it cry or anything. When I pulled in the driveway Lucy, the Mama cat came running to my car. She would cry and then the kitten would cry. I thought it was up under Nate's truck until I walked to the front of my car and saw it! Poor little thing!!! It must have been terrified. I'm so glad it wasn't in my engine area because it could have been bad. I'm so thankful it didn't get hurt.

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Mason and I had a fun little snowcone date yesterday! We are loving this place we found. It's so nice and cozy. And the snowcones are wonderful. I love having time with Mason. He's so fun and cute! 

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I spent the evening blog organizing...writing down posts ideas, making a {kind of} editorial calendar...and making notes...etc. I'm curious, what kind of posts do you like to see?


  1. I would have probably done exactly what you did when it came to the bobcat!

  2. Love. I love The Texas Tuesday post and seein' updates on your life

  3. HAHA! A bobcat? So random! Glad it ran off though and didn't give you any trouble! We love ice cream dates and Mason's little freckles are the sweetest :)

  4. Such a fun little date with your boy! Love the selfies :)

  5. I cannot wait to see that bouquet. Such a fun idea. I've actually never heard of anyone doing it before.

    Snowcones are the best. Such cute photos of Mason!

  6. Love you hair, are you having trouble getting used to it or fixing it? I am having major issues on what to do with mine after cutting 5 inches off mine.
    Wedding will be here before you know it and I know that is a special time.

  7. I love that snocone stand!Mase looks like he had so much fun!! I love your new hair.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!