{Gunner Gage Hall}

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Age - 7 weeks // Birthday - 5/2/2014
Weight - 18ish pounds

We have known about getting our pup since before he was even in his Mommy's Tummy! An employee of Nate's Dad offered us a pup when he had them available and we quickly said yes! The semen was frozen and implanted a few months ago. And our little Gunner boy was born on May 2nd, 2014. He texted us a picture of the babies and of course I cried! We've been on pins and needles waiting for him to be available.

And the hardest part? Keeping it a secret from Mason! We wanted to surprise him. And that we did!

We are 110% in love with him and think he is the perfect addition to our family. I forgot how dang hard the puppy stage is, but he is worth it. So worth it.

Gunner is from a very prestigious bloodline. His Grandfather was one of the most well known Labs in 1978. I mean, he came with a book. Yes, a book! It has all of his family's history and bloodline and DNA and whatnot. It's impressive! Pups of this bloodline are usually not sold for less than $2500 buckaroos. And he gave him to us for FREE! Crazy, huh? We are so blessed!  He told us that it's our choice to have him neutered or not...but that if we did we were basically taking money out of our pockets. Once he's officially registered with the AKC we will have people wanting to breed with Gunner and we could get some pretty serious stud fees! 

Gunner is doing well and I think he loves his new home. He is as sweet as can be and really smart, too. He cries any time Nathan, Mason or I leave the room. He loves his sleep and equally loves to play. 

We are smitten!

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Do you have a pup? Tell me about it!


  1. lol that is so funny, about the stud fees. I find it funny at least. He is like a little bank when he grows up =) If you keep his dangly bits. My husband refuses to neuter male dogs, guy thing? he says because it changes their personality. But, there is no way I'd have a un-spayed female, gross.

    Cutest little guy he sure is! Crazy you got him for free.

  2. Oh my gosh... I want to squeeze him! So adorable! Funnest addition to the family EVER!
    That is amazing he gave him to you for free. So so nice! I'm sure he did it because he knows he will be SO loved!

  3. Awe the puppy is so cute, I know Mason is going to love him and they will be best friends


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