{Mother's Day 2014}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Friday afternoon Mason and Nate were in Mason's room getting ready and I walked in and Mason says, "We're not doing anything Mama. We're not going anywhere." I immediately knew they had something up their sleeve! I just wasn't sure what. A few minutes later Nate comes in my office and says he's taking Mason to get a haircut. 

They got back an hour or so later and Mason comes in and shows me his new Spiderman watch and says, "I got it at the haircutting place" haha - little stinker! 

Nate had taken Mason to go pick out some Mother's Day gifts for me. He did great for a couple of hours and then I heard him whispering to his dad about giving them to me. So he did! 

He picked them out all by himself and he was so darn proud! And he did great. He got me a precious ring with a pink heart on it and a silver "love" heart necklace. So sweet!

 photo 4a72dd10-5fbf-4f2f-829d-7243e30628ca_zps74c9a6a7.jpg
 photo 472d7a16-f07e-470f-a9c6-a1bec40bcff3_zps8be5496a.jpg
 photo 77cfa598-3deb-42e0-bf55-ecc130daf363_zpsf53bb4ea.jpg
 photo e0f07f6b-af85-4c56-ac20-0467589ea0c5_zps19097180.jpg  
Saturday we went to a Mother's Day banquet at Nate's Grandmother's church. It was nice...but I didn't take a single picture! 

Sunday started out anything but pleasant! Mason was so crabby and we ended up missing our annual Mother's Day lunch! Bummer. A couple hours later and we still couldn't talk him into doing lunch. He asked if he could go to his Nana's instead. So Nate and I went and had lunch and did our grocery shopping. That evening Nate's parents cooked supper for us.

But that evening Mason totally redeemed his bad behavior...he told me -

"Mama I love you. I love you a lot. I love you like my Daddy loves you."

And then I melted into a great big puddle on the floor!!!

I love that my husband shows Mason how to love without even trying, just by doing. I am one blessed woman!!

How was your Mother's Day & weekend?


  1. Yes you are blessed! What a great mothers day and I love that necklace! :)

  2. Happy belated mother's day!!! Seriously he did a GREAT job on your gifts =) Plus, the i love you like dad does...awwwww. Super aww. Fills up the heart. But, of course can't have the aww without the stubborn toddler whims.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!