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**I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a free product in exchange for my honest opinions.

Nathan and I were driving home from a trip several weeks ago and I started checking my email because I hadn't had service all weekend. I saw an email from Backyard Ocean asking if I'd like to review a product on my blog. First of all, I do want to mention how personalized the email was and the kind words it said about my blog. 

I was given several different options, but chose the Deluxe Square Party Pool. That just sounds fun, doesn't it? I loved that it had a seat in it for those times Nate and I just want to lounge and get our feet wet while letting Mason play.

We received the pool several weeks ago...but Texas and it's bipolar weather kept us from getting to play! The weather this Spring has been wild. We will have a nice day...and then it's so windy and cold {or rainy} the next. I know I shouldn't complain because we will go straight to 110 degrees in the blink of an eye!

My first thoughts when getting the box from the UPS lady was "wow, this thing is heavy" - that must be a good sign! We finally had a weekend of good, warm weather and Mason was begging to swim in his new pool. We obliged, even though it was still not warm enough. The cold water didn't stop Mason, though!

 Nate used his air compressor to fill it with air. Mason was so excited he kept wanting to get in before it was even filled with air or water. Nate complimented how well it was made when he was filling it with air.

Once we got it filled and out in the yard we were surprised with how big it actually was. It's 90x90 and 22' tall. Perfect for a family! Nate, Mason and I could get in there and easily have room for others. I also love that it has built in cup holders. Ain't nobody got time for getting out of the pool to go get a drink!

I heard Nathan telling someone "how cool" the pool was! And Mason couldn't stop saying how "awesome" it was. He stayed in it for 2-3 hours that day. I know he would have played longer if it were warmer out. 

So...easy to use, durable, easy to deflate & clean, and fun. That's a win/win if you ask me! I know that it will serve us well over the Texas summer. Go take a look...Backyard Ocean has a lot to offer and they are also having a big sale.

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  1. That is a fancy back yard pool. It looks like Mason loves it!

  2. That's pretty awesome. Sure beats the round, super hard plastic pools we had as kids.

  3. What an awesome pool! Mason looks like he was having a blast! And loving all of the land you guys have :)

  4. Our pools look pretty similar but dang I want cupholders and a seat!!! So nice to get a product to review that isn't lame =)


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