{It's the Little Things - Happy Birthday my sweet FOUR year old}

My dearest Mason,

I absolutely cannot believe you are now a FOUR year old. FOUR! That's hardly a baby anymore {although you will always be Mama's baby}, but still. I now know the true meaning of 'the days are long, but the years are short'. Boy do I know it. Too well. You are growing so much and becoming more of a little gentleman each day. You have the best manners and the sweetest little soul. I want to bottle it up and put it on a shelf for when you're a teenager and you don't like me so much. 

You fill mine and your dad's hearts with so much joy and you make us the proudest. Just when we think we couldn't be any more proud you prove us wrong. You are very smart...sometimes too smart for your own good. You are also very witty and ridiculously funny. You keep us laughing until our stomachs hurt. I don't know where you come up with some of the things you say... You are also equal parts frustrating and amusing. For example, when I ask you what you want for breakfast, lunch or supper you throw out things like 'dinosaur' or 'a tree swing' or an 'alligator'. Always something random and never an actual food.

Your newest gig is throwing out the 'but I am four now' thing on the daily. But, it hasn't worked yet. Mostly because it's things like 'I don't need my carseat anymore, I am four' or 'Can I say bad words now that I am four?' {side note - bad words to you are dang it, stupid and shut-up. please stay this innocent} or 'I can stay home by myself, I am four now' - not gonna happen baby, not gonna happen.

I think four is going to be fun! I mean, it has to beat the 'threenager' stage. Not that it wasn't fun, but it sure was challenging and your Daddy and I earned a few grey hairs. 

Happy fourth birthday #mywild. I hope you know just how much your Mama and Daddy love you and most of all that you feel that love in a big big way.

I love you Mason Lane,

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  1. What a PEREFECT picture of him! Happy four, Mason! :)

  2. Love him! I can't believe he is 4, seems so big! He is so big! I bet 4 is going to rock. Less grey hairs hopefully too. And, can you find gator bites in Texas? Might be able to fix that craving =) The other two might be a bit harder though...dino nuggets? i want a tree swing, I don't want to eat it though. Can't wait for Aria to be utterly ridiculous =)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Mason!

  4. Cutest little 4 year old I know! :) Happy Birthday, sweet Mason!

  5. Happy Birthday cutie Mason! What a very sweet letter. He will love reading that as he gets older.


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