{Masons Fourth Birthday Party - Police Themed}

Last Saturday we celebrated Mason's fourth {gasp} birthday!! His real birthday, the 25th falls on Memorial Day weekend and everyone is always out of town. So, we celebrated a weekend early. It went really well. We were so blessed with so many family and friends that came to help us celebrate our boy!

He chose a cop theme for his party {a mere 2 weeks before}. We scoured Pinterest, only to find very little. We decorated with blue and gold and stars. For the goodie bags I put a watergun, handcuffs, police badges and police stickers, pencils and color pages. His cake was pretty awesome, too!  

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We scheduled his party for 2:00pm because we had an early Blast Ball game. We wanted to have time to prepare before the party started. And just like every year, we were still getting ready when guests started arriving. Oops! 

Mason started the first part of his party in his Policeman uniform. Then he got hot and opted for shorts! From the minute guests started arriving he started asking me if it was time to open his presents. He was entirely too excited! 

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We had a guest at the party! Mr McGruff stopped by. Mason loved it! I remember being in elementary school and Mr McGruff would visit. It was the coolest thing. Now of course Mason didn't know who he was until the week before his party. I showed him pictures and told him stories about him. So, he was ecstatic when Mr. McGruff came to his party. When it was time for him to leave Mason was following him. He wanted to see what he drove to the party! ha

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 photo 23_zps2992aabe.jpg
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Mason got entirely too much stuff and played his little heart out! We had guests over well past 10 and he played and played. Which explains why he fell asleep sitting straight up. That's only happened a few other times. 

I am disappointed with the pictures this year. Well, not the pictures themselves...but the lack there of. I guess I was too busy visiting and being in the moment. 

Happy Birthday my sweet baby!!


  1. I loved McGruff the crime dog back in the day!!

  2. I LOVE that McGruff showed up! You are so creative! Looks like a great party!

  3. So much fun!!! Looks like yall had a wonderful day!

  4. I don't know McGruff except he is vaguely familiar, but whatever his is it is awesome that he showed up to the party =) Seriously looks like such a cute party...love the jail,haha. That police uniform is adorable, and naturally the presents are the best part! As long as you enjoyed the day spent with your birthday boy, the pictures are secondary!

  5. What a CUTE party theme! It looks like Mason had a great time!


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