{Weekend Wrap-up // Mason's police themed 4th birthday party}

Happy Monday friends! How is it already Monday again? 

We had such a good weekend. So good. 

Friday was spent preparing for Mason's birthday party. We helped the Halls with their yard, stuffed goodie bags, and purchased the food and drinks. 

Saturday morning started off with a 9 am Blast Ball game. There was a police car in the parking lot, which Mason got excited about. He asked me to take a picture of him in front of the car. The Cop wasn't around so Mason was sure he was up there ready to watch him play. Mason did really well! He was running after the balls and having a good ole time. After the game Mason and Nate set off to find the police officer. And that they did. He was so kind to Mason. Nate told him he was having a policeman birthday party and the police officer gave him 25+ stickers to share at his party! 

After the game we headed home to get ready for Mason's party at 2:00. The boys mowed the yards, we decorated and put the final touches on everything. A policeman party wasn't the easiest, but I think we pulled it off okay. A special thanks to my Aunt Donia for all the police themed goodies! She works at a police station and hooked us up pretty good! She was even able to borrow the station's Mr McGruff costume!!! The kids {especially Mason} loved that!!! I remember when Mr McGruff would visit my elementary school. Mason didn't know anything about him until last week. I prepped him and showed him pictures!

The party was great and Mason played his little heart out until almost 10:30pm! He literally fell asleep sitting up. That's happened only about 2 times his entire life! Oh and Spiderman also made an appearance! ha

Sunday. Oh Sunday. It was such a good day. We didn't any plans and we just had the greatest time. We woke up and started cleaning but neither Nathan or I were into it. We were like forget this...lets go play! And that we did. We went back to my in-laws house {and by going back I mean walking through our back property and threw a gate into theirs} to let Mason enjoy the bounce house before it was picked up. We helped pick up from the party, gathered our chairs and ice chests and just hung out. Oh and the boys washed my car for me. Mason went over in his Spiderman costume and got hot, so he hung out in his undies for a while. 

Then we headed back to our house to play in the water! We threw water balloons and set up the swimming pool {more on that to come}. We had so much fun!!!

How was your weekend?


  1. CUTE cake!!!! What a fun birthday party :-))))

  2. What a fun party! He is the cutest little stinker! :)

  3. oh man, I don't think anybody can top that weekend! It sounds perfect in so many ways. What a sweet police officer. And, the party looked great! Clearly Mason loved it!!! I can see how wearing the spidey outfit would get hot, just running around in the skivvies is way better! What a sweet boy =) Love this post so much.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!