{Thanksgiving and Weekend Wrap-up}

We had an amazing Thanksgiving this year! It was actually one of the less stressful Thanksgivings we have had since Nathan and I have been together. Usually everything is planned on one day and we have to split our time between 4+ places. This year we split our Thanksgiving into 2 days and it worked so great. My mom's (huge) side of the family decided this year that we would start our own family Thanksgiving traditions instead of trying to get 40+ people together. It's just too hard! And everyone has too many places to go to. Anyhow, this year we spent Thursday with Nate's family and Friday with mine. Thursday we had lunch at Nate's Nenaw's house and then dinner at his parents house. On the way to Nenaws we ran over something on the highway and got a flat. Luckily we were able to get off the highway safely and with no damage to the car. Nate and Jordan changed our tire and we were back on the road. Just a small stepback and didn't ruin our day!  Lunch at Nenaw's was great. We ate and then visited and looked at Christmas sale ads (tradition).

On the way home from Nenaws there was actually a tire shop opened by our house. So we stopped and got a brand new tire for $40 bucks. Can't beat that!

Supper at Nate's parents was fabulous. Nate's brother, his fiance and a friend from work came out. We ate and then the boys dove into some Xbox. So, us girls attempted a little pre-black-Friday shopping. The store we wanted to go to had a line around the back of the building...so we opted for something a little less crowded. We got some good sales! And then headed back home to the boys. It was a late night for us!

Friday morning we woke up with the intention of going to the Christmas Tree farm, but had to change plans. Everyone was already at my parents house hanging out and we didn't want to miss spending any time with them. So we headed to my parents house. We ate a late lunch and hung out. The boys played and watched football and did a little shooting in the backyard. That evening we ventured out to Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain and Academy. It wasn't as crazy as I anticipated (with it being Black Friday). We went later though, so I guess we missed the rush.

At Bass Pro Shop Mason ran into Duck Dynasty...


And he actually let me take a picture of him by the Christmas trees!!!

After our adventure to Garland and Mesquite we headed to get some supper and went home. Saturday morning we got up and got ready for the Christmas Tree Farm. We found a new one this year and it might just be our new favorite place!!! Post to come on that!

And Sunday was spent trimmin' the tree and deckin' the halls...post to come on that as well!

All of this suffice to say our Thanksgiving weekend was amazing!!! And just a few of the things...

† God's amazing Grace and Mercy
† The Word
† My loving husband
† My sweet sweet Mason Lane
† Family
† Friend that are more like family
† Our jobs
† Our home and that we get to live "rural"
† Freedom
† Prayer
† Babies
† Blogging
† The community and sweet friends I've made through blogging
† Cameras and photographs

How was your Thanksgiving?

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  1. Mason and the duck dynasty boys?!!! LOVE it!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a great one! :)


  2. Glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Our's was very low key too - Visited with family, ate entirely too much and soaked up the time with my kiddos :) xo

  3. love love love that picture of him in front of the tree! Just perfect, Im glad you guys had a great thanksgiving friend!!!


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