{Santa...I know him! I know him!}

Well, we checked another thing off our Christmastime bucket list this past weekend...

For the third year in a row we got to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Garland TX. I love traditions, and this is one of them!!! He's a great Santa and the scenery is amazing! And?? It's free! And they also let you use your own camera, too. Not many places do that because they're all about making the $. Which I understand, so it was a great surprise when she said we could use our own camera too!!  I haven't even tried the past 2 years because I didn't figure it was allowed. But I saw people in front of me taking pictures, so I got my camera ready!!!

We got to Bass Pro Shop around 11:20 am, thinking we were pretty early and had a good chance of getting to Santa quick.


We were never more wrong. We were in line to get our pass when the next available time said 2:30. Not too bad...but just as it was our turn the time changed to 4 pm. What!? We got our passes and decided we'd go eat and do some other stuff and come back. 

But before we left we let the boys write a letter to Santa and put it in his mailbox! Mason loved that! He had me write the words and he drew a picture for Santa. His favorite part was putting it in the mailbox all by himself. He was so proud!

 After the boys were done coloring we headed to lunch at Snuffers. Oh my goodness that place is delicious!!! After lunch we still  had some time to kill so we drove around Rockwall looking for some stores we could venture around. Rockwall was SO crowded. We did find these neat little guys...

We were going to let the boys get out and see them, but they wanted $20 a person! And it was freezing cold and windy, so we decided against it. We went to a few shops and then headed back to Bass Pro to finally get our pictures with Santa.

Worth the wait!!! And I love that he took his little Rudolf to sit in Santa's lap with him! He just loves that Rudolf!!!
Then we came back to our house so the boys could destroy Mason's room...I mean play! haha. BOYS!!!

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  2. Amazing pictures! This looks like so much fun, I am so jealous! & almost my entire Family lives in Garland!

  3. Santa, Mason and Rudolph! What a perfect little trio! I love the mess in Mason's room. God bless you. ;)

  4. What a great day! I heard about the crazy lines there and am impressed that yall stuck it out! And that room, destroy sounds about right!

  5. Such sweet pictures! :) I'm co-hosting a Santa picture link up on Thursday & would love to have you join us with Mason's Santa pictures. :)


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