{Mason and Candy Canes}

Mason loves candy canes. Like loves them and wants them morning, day and night. I remembered the story of the candy cane and wanted to share with him. He absolutely loved it! I think I may print these out and tie them to a candy cane to give to Mason's class in their Christmas goodie bag!

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  1. So, so precious!!! I think Daven had his first one this year. They got them at school for the letter "C" and he came home telling me this story. LOVED every ounce of that car ride home. However, I am that nervous mom while eating candy...I made him sit on the couch criss cross apple sauce to eat it & beside his Dad. LOL! Daven jumps off furniture ALL THE TIME; even while eating and tries to be "Super Daven" - I freak out.

    Precious Mason!


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