{Mainstay Farm - Our trip to the Christmas Tree Farm}

We have crossed off another one of the things on our Christmas-time bucketlist - the

We had planned on going to Yesterland Farm in Canton, but I googled and found one closer that looked promising. The pictures and all of the activities listed on the website sounded like a blast. And the best part? Most of them were free. There were only a couple of things you had to actually buy tickets for. 

We knew we were going to love it the minute we saw the first sign for  Mainstay Farm in Cleburne!!! The area alone was awesome. So country and rustic. So us!

When we first got there we weren't exactly sure what to do...but it didn't take long to find all of the neat attractions. Mason started for a slide, but then he saw a track full of tricycles with big tires so he beelined that way! He rode the bikes for a while and then went for the toddler swing/zipline. He loved it!!!

After the swing/zipline we headed over to a huge jumping pillow. This thing was huge, and amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Mason mostly ran up and down it. Every time he'd start jumping a huge group of people would come through and knock him down. He still had fun, though!

After the jumping pillow we made our way over to the shop to get some guidance on how to get on the hay ride and train ride and such. We bought an ornament and an old time-y looking elf and a ticket for Mason to ride the train. Then we were on our way to ride the hay ride. We honestly had no clue where it was going to take us. We just thought it went through the farm and back...but it took us to a whole other area of attractions!!!

A three story treehouse, mazes, and an adult size track with big wheel things. Mason almost couldn't believe his eyes (and Nate too). The boys played and I held all of our belongings and took pictures. This place was soooo cool!!!

{proof I was there}

After Mason and Nate played for a while we took the hayride back down to the Christmas Tree barn where we had anticipated picking out a tree. However, we got there and saw the prices and decided to look elsewhere for a tree. They wanted $66 bucks for a small 4-5 ft tree. Wowsers!

Before we left we took Mason to the train ride and then of course he wanted to ride the tricycles again.

Another Hall Family Christmas tradition going forward!

If you're in the DFW area I suggest Mainstay Farms, without a doubt! It's a blast. You could spend a whole day there. There is so much to do!

Do you and your family go to a tree farm? What other Christmas traditions do you have?

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  1. So precious and NEAT! We do NOT have awesome Christmas tree farms around here. Huge thumbs down. We do have friends that have locals stands -beautiful trees. I wanted a real tree so bad this year. However, we went with the 'ole prelit. Hey we are lucky its up in time and still UP! HA. I want to take the kids to pick one out for sure...maybe next year.

    And, yes...why on earth are trees so expensive? Goodness.


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