{Mason lately - 3.5 years}

Yesterday my sweet Mason Lane turned 3.5 years old. That's only 6 months away from being 4. FOUR! How do I have a four year old? And how did these years pass so quickly? It's entirely too true, the statement, the days are long but the years pass by fast! He actually told his uncle the other day that his birthday was in six months. Not sure how he knew that, but he did. He knows a lot of things that blow my mind, honestly. I love when he tells me something and I am totally surprised that he knew it and he says, "Mama, you didn't even know that?" He's the cutest! 

Mason Lane...oh Mason! You fill our hearts with so much joy! Daddy and I longed to have a child for many years and you are just more amazing than we could have ever imagined. You are the most witty child and you march to the beat of your own drum. You will keep me on my toes for the rest of my life. That's one thing I know for sure. But, you keep us laughing everyday and for that we are thankful. Your dad and I just look at each other and smile because we are thinking the same thing, Oh how we love you so!! You know how to push all of our buttons and may have given daddy many few gray hairs, but then you turn around and melt our heart in an instant.

At three and a half you are 34-35 pounds, 39 1/4 inches tall. You definitely hit a growth spurt in the height department since your May. We had to go and buy you new jeans because all of your size 3T pants are 2 inches too short. You are now wearing all 4T clothes. Shoes are a size 9 or 10. Just depends on the shoe. 

You are still a very picky eater, but you are definitely better! You will sometimes try new things. And you are mostly eating your lunches at school. You used to not touch a single thing they offered. Now, you will eat it....all except the spaghetti. You won't touch that with a 10 foot pole. Some of your favorites at home are macaroni & cheese {but only the shells}, pancakes, waffles, grilled cheese, bananas, apples, oranges, applesauce, yogurt, and you love mexican food. Sprite or Strawberry soda are your favorite and of course, milk.

You love to play. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as you are playing. Your favorites are Cops vs bad guys, Good guys vs zombies,  Subway Surfers, cars/trucks, or with your Batman stuff. Your Daddy doesn't even get all the way through the door in the evenings before you are summoning him to play with you. You're a Mama's boy for sure, but you love your Daddy something fierce. I love the way you look at him and how you watch him and most times copy him. And toys, you are absolutely obsessed with toys. Toys of all kinds!!

Mason, you have music in your heart! You sing and dance all the time and are quite the performer. You dance even when there is no music on. And you have some moves!! Your Christmas program for school is in just a couple of weeks and I just can't wait to see you on stage.

Mommy still has to put you to sleep each night. You will not settle for anything different. You liked for me to read you a couple of books before we turn out the lights. And as soon as we finish a book you say, "One more time" every.single.time.

You are getting more and more independent and doing things on your own. You'll blurt out, "Potty, I need to go Potty" and then you'll say, "But I can do it my own self". And when we are at Mimi and Papas you just go potty by yourself.  There are a lot of other things you want to do on your own - your strong-wiliness coming out in you. But not yet, brother!

You are in PreK 3 at school still and seem to be doing really well. I can tell by the worksheets you bring home. And I love when you tell me parts of the bible story that goes along with your paper. And, I'm still fairly certain that you're one of the class clowns. It's rare that you are ever on green (best behavior) and when I ask you why you were on yellow or blue it's usually because you were talking/dancing/being silly.  

Your favorite tv shows are Spongebob, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, Ninja Turtles, and pretty much anything else that comes on Nickolodeon. Your favorite movies are Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc, Polar Express and Coraline. We've taken you to the movies 3 times now and you seem to be enjoying it more each time. I just wish they didn't have those darn games/rides in the lobby! You could spend hours there.

We have to fight you to take a bath and play a little game of "If you don't hurry up and get in there then Daddy is going to take a shower. We better beat him." it works about 75% of the time. And then once we get you in the bath, it's so hard to get you out.

When you get home from school you are ready for your "jamas". I'm sure you get that from me, because that's usually the first thing I do when I get home. Now that I am working from home I am able to have supper ready earlier and we have more time in the evening to hang out as a family. I can tell how much happier this makes you.

You are really good at using your manners without being prompted to do so. It's just natural for you now. And you will certainly call someone out if you hear them say yeah, shutup, stupid, hate, etc. You told your Aunt Leslie the other day that she could find a better word to say!

You are becoming more and more interested in becoming a "brother" and speak about it often. The other day you told your dad, "I don't want to be a son anymore, I just want to be a brother." And the other night while we were laying down you told me that you were ready to be a big brother because you listen to us and tell us what direction and which path to take. And that you know your manners. I had to explain to you what being a big brother truly meant. You were okay with it. You said, "Let me think which I want you to have" and you put your little finger to your chin for a few seconds and then said, "A sister. I want you to have a baby girl in your tummy Mama."

We'll see, baby....we'll see!

Mason Lane, we love you to the moon and back a gazillion times. Thank you for making our lives so much sweeter. And happier. And crazy. But, we love the crazy.

Happy 3.5 baby!


  1. He is just TOO precious! These pictures are just perfect!


  2. I know I say this all the time, but Mason is SO precious!

  3. Love Mason! Great pictures!!

  4. ohhh gooodness, the brother thing! Totally melted me. you most certainly have yourself a sweet boy there and I love love his little personality... even without meeting him!

    the bath thing, whats with that? raygan is the same way...every.single.night!


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