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Good morning and Happy Friday!!!! Linking up with Five on Friday!


Santa came to Mason's school last week and the pictures are in! When everyone asks him if he told Santa what he wanted he says, "Nah, we didn't talk. We just took a picture and he gave me a candy cane." That kind of makes me sad! Santa is supposed to visit with the kids and talk to them, at least. Especially if you're charging $25 for the picture! ha. Looks like we will be finding us another Santa to visit soon!


Our Christmas cards came in. Due to the crazy Texas weather we weren't able to get out and snap a few decent family pictures in time to have Christmas cards. So, I had to settle for an iPhone picture. They're not too bad.


And again to the crazy Texas weather we are a little behind on our traditions this year. I am only freakin out a lot little. There are only 2 more weekends that the North Pole Express runs and it's raining again today! Hoping we can go tomorrow or Sunday!  Oh, and Nate volunteered to play in a softball tournament tomorrow. I can't be mad, though. It's a benefit tournament for a wonderful cause.


Elf on the Shelf! Are any of you doing it this year? We are going to wait one more year and then try it. I don't think Mason would be too much into it right now. I do have a lot of good ones saved in my Christmas Pinterest board, though! Although, his Nana and uncle have the elf and book and they set up little scenes when he comes to visit. Of course that is not every day, so they only have to come up with a few Elf shenanigans. We went over the other day and Mason's Elf had a message from Santa spelled out in Skittles. Mason got a kick out of it.


 I have a baby nephew on the way! As in he-can-come-any-minute-now on the way. My sister is due a few days after Christmas, but things are looking like they might happen a little sooner. The baby weighed over 7lbs a little over 3 weeks ago. She has a sonogram today where they will check on the baby and his weight and then a dr apt Monday to talk about plans!! Eek. I can't wait to snuggle a new baby. What a wonderful Christmas gift for our family.


  1. Love your cards! I think they came out great!

    Happy weekend! XO

  2. Girl, I would never know that was an iPhone pic if you hadn't said so! Y'all look great!

  3. Your family is adorable! Love the Christmas card1

  4. Christmas cards make me giddy! I adore y'alls! It turned out great!!!! Happy, merry weekend, lovely! xx

  5. Love your card! last year I had to do the same thing (iphone photo) and it ended up being a happy new year card! Im sooo behind on Christmas traditions its killling me!!! We have to skip our polar express trip this year (due to a new baby girl) and im so unbelievably sad about it! I cant wait to see your photos, this is about the time I started following your beloved blog...I remember your polar express trip! I cant wait to see them this year!

  6. It's so awesome how great cell phone cameras are now! I wouldn't have had any idea it was a phone picture if you didn't say! Looks great! I had a great Santa experience as a kid - the same Santa, he visited with us etc. I thought I didn't care much about where/who we got Cora's Santa picture with this year, until I saw him and he could have been a Hobo Santa... Gotta go back to the drawing board for next years Santa picture!

  7. I'm in love with your Christmas cards! Just wonderful, just like you! ♥ I still have not got mine back yet. Oh, the family will just have to understand! Yikes!


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