I know this is forever and a day late, but I am still blogging about it!
My Birchbox came on the 16th, but I was on vacation and didn't get it until a week later. 

Anyone who hasn't heard of Birchbox - it's this fabulous little website where you can register to receive a beauty box each month. It's $10/per month and you receive 4-6 samples each month. But, so far I've received at least 1 full sized product that's valued more than the $10 I pay per month.


It's so girly and fun to come home to your little pink box!!

The theme for July was Glamour - 5 senses. 
So, I got something for each of the senses in my box. 

July's box - 


   Love the earbuds, moisture tint, perfume and eyeliner. I haven't tried the blotting linens yet and I wasn't a fan of the Larabar!

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  1. I have seen a few posts about birchbox but never knew what it was all about! thanks for posting, can't wait to get involved! Those earbuds look awesome!


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