We are still a Co-sleeping family in the Hall household. 

Mason did really well with sleeping in his bed for a long while. He would fall asleep in my lap on the couch while drinking his milk and then we'd move him to his bed. He'd sleep almost all night in his bed. But then he got off bottles and now it's harder to get him to sleep each night. He doesn't just fall asleep in my lap anymore. So, we just all three end up going to bed at the same every night and he sleeps with us.

But? I'm okay with that! Actually, I'm more than okay with it. I love it. I love being able to cuddle with him {he's a big time cuddler}, kiss his cheek or sweet little lips any time I want to, and just to see him and know that he's okay is such a mommy relief! 

And what better smell is there than a freshly bathed baby? Am I right?

It's a win-win! For Mommy, at least.

I'm sure Daddy is ready to have his bed back...without TWO people stealing his covers and all the room on the bed. Poor Daddy!

And because I can't publish a post without a picture...

He watched an entire episode on Nick Jr with that basket on his head!


  1. im a fan of co-sleeping! I tried it for a few weeks when Caden was a newborn & i was nursing but couldnt seem to master nursing laying down, so the phase lasted only few weeks. the cuddle time is a huge plus! same with my husband, he was not a fan of it but i think he was worried one of us would roll on top of him.

  2. I love love love co sleeping! We have been doing it for a long while. My hubby though says were done co sleeping :( and wants to move Hudson to his own room. In fact I just did a post today about it.

    But you dead on about it being a relief to know there ok!

  3. I was always afraid of talking about co sleeping, but we are a co sleeper family too. Used to she slept all night with us, but now she sleeps with me if it's just her and I. If we're with D for the weekend then she falls asleep in one of our arms and we put her in her cradle at the end of our bed and she sleeps 4ish hours and then she wakes up and D will get her and put her in bed with us. She's never had her own room, so I am really nervous about moving her into her room, even though it's right across the hall from us.


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