{He said what?!? V3}

Mason was playing in his room one evening and started yelling...

"Mama, come mere. Mama, come mere"

so I ran in there and he says,

"Here, I got you a teddy bear" and hands me one of his bears!


At Mason's 2 year check up the Doctor asked him how old he was - he says {very matter-factedly}

"I'm four"

and went on about his business!!


Saturday morning {7/7} I woke up to Mason putting his puppy in my face and saying

"Wake up Mommy. Puppy dooooooooves you"


Nathan - "Mason, wanna lay in here with me?" {sleeping bag}
Mason - "I can't, I'm too big.


Monday {7/10} I picked up Mason a little later than normal from school. I was telling him sorry for getting there a little late.

He pats me on the back and says, "Don't worry Mama".


Me - "Mason what do you want for dinner?"

Mason - rice, beans, bread {tortillas}, butter, chips and sprite.

Well okay then baby!


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  1. Sweetest thing ever! I can't wait until my niece starts talking. Oh the things she'll say! Lol.

  2. adorable!!

    Is there going to be week 3 Pinterest meme? I scheduled ahead and posted mine this morning lol so was just curious?

  3. OMG!!!! I cracked up reading this!!! TOO cute!!! :)


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