{Mommy time?}

Mommy time? - Nah, I'm good!
Girls night out? - No thanks!
Event with no kids? - Count me out!

I struggle with this.

I'm just not at that point in my life where I want to or need to do things without Mason. I'm more comfortable doing everything with him. He's my baby, my best friend, and one of the biggest blessings in my life. He's a joy to be around and makes me smile from the inside out. I like making the memories with him and the way that my heart feels when we're together.

I don't even enjoy going to Target alone. That's like every mom's dream, right? Not mine. I know hubby is trying to do me a favor when he says, "You go and I'll stay with Mason". But, it's like I am walking through the aisles naked and everyone's staring. Or that they know I have a child and make their own opinions in their head as to why he's not with me. But most importantly, I'm lost without him. Plain and simple. My heart feels empty and sad. And I am racing to get everything done as quickly as I can and get back home to him and my husband. I'd just rather be with them than without them.

Here lately my family has had some "girls only weekends" and I just can't do it. I struggle with just a couple hours away from my baby...how in the world would I survive a weekend away? Yes, I know that I would, but fact is I don't want to. 
I don't have to. 

I don't know if I'll ever get to that point where I feel like I need a "Mommy-break". Being at work is a forced Mommy break and I hate it with every fiber of my being. So why would I want to spend even more time away from him than that?

I'm not downing any moms that need that break, just simply saying that it's not for me.

And hubby feels the same way, to an extent. I know he'd appreciate more Mommy and Daddy dates, but he hates leaving Mason too. 
We're a team and function better when we're all together.


  1. I seriously love this post. I love your last sentence :)
    Cute picutres too. Love your sunglasses! So stylish Mama!

  2. I feel the same way! I can handle leaving Hayes for short periods of time, but what really gets me is being away from my husband. It is like those crazy teenagers who have to spend every minute together, and we have been married 5 years. I secretly hate girls nights, I have been taking Hayes to them and it makes them a little more doable. I just plain don't go anywhere except work without either Hayes or Chris. I pretty much need them to function. I hurry through stores too when they aren't with me, they are my world! I'm glad I am not the only one who feels that way, my friends always try to convince me that I need a break, but I don't!

  3. My husband's motto is, "If Will can't go, then neither should we!" Anything we do, Will just comes along. I don't mind a girl's night out every once in a while, but it's never an escape from being a mommy, just a time to catch up with my friends! I'm totally with you on working. Think of all of those hours we miss with them - makes me kind of sick!!

  4. This was such a great post! I'm one of those mothers that does need mommy time, but I think that is because I didn't get a lot of help from my husband when he was first born. I would get so overwhelmed and then depressed. Now that he is older, I've learned when I'm starting to get overwhelmed with my mommy duties & need to take a break {not necessarily going out or anything, just a 5-minute mom break to gather myself}.
    I just like how honest you were in this post, not afraid of hurting one of your readers' feelings! Have a great weekend!

  5. I agree with misc.alaina. I go to girls night out to only catch up with our lives- only for dinner and back home I go. However, Daven spends the night every Friday with Mims & Poppy ( my rents ). Why? B.C thats supposed to be Mommy/Daddy time. And, they like to spoil him their way. Michael is a work - a - holic and sometimes that's the only time we get to catch up with each other is Fridays. I often forget what it's like to drop a little love off for Daycare to go to work because I don't work. I really give a lot of credit to working Mommy's. Dav's my side kick - I'd be lost without him going out "out-out". Those days are over. They were a blast- but being Michael's wife / Daven's Mommy is SO MUCH MORE OF A BLESSING. Great post, as usual. Love reading.....


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!