{Last day of Vacation - Carlsbad Caverns}

On the last day of our trip we did a little hiking...unprepared hiking.
It was torture!!
We really wanted to hike to the other side of this Trestle we had been visiting/seeing throughout our week long stay in NM. We were under the impression that it wasn't too far down. Boy were we wrong! It was almost 2 miles down the mountain.
Doesn't sound that bad, right?!?!
Until you're a mile and a half down and remember that you have to hike back UP that 1.5 miles...with a 2 year old.
Mason got so tired on the way down and wanted to be carried up the entire way back. We had to take turns carrying him. We didn't bring water or anything and we literally felt like we were going to pass out from dehydration/exhaustion!!
It was fun, the scenery was beautiful and the weather was nice...but we just weren't prepared. I guess next time we know!!

After our hike we loaded up the car and headed to Carlsbad Caverns!! We were really excited about this part of our trip. We got to the caverns about an hour too late for the 'big' tour, but we were still able to tour the "Big Room" in the Caverns. It ended up being perfect. It was about an hour and a half tour...and about all that we could do with our little curious and adventurous Masonbug!! The caverns were beautiful and we were just in awe. I think I snapped 200 pictures alone. I knew that I had a small chance of getting any good pictures without a tripod, so I took tons in hopes of 1 or 2 good pictures. We had such a great time. It was an awesome way to end our vacation!!

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  1. well first off im glad you didn't pass out from dehydration...that would not have been fun.

    Those caves look awesome though, and so fun to think those exist under ground. Im sure your little guy had a blast


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!