{A taste of Fall?}

Oh Monday morning - you were glorious!!!
68 degrees are you kidding me?!?

Texas, I love you - but sometimes you are cruel!!
You give us a taste of fall and them BAM - another month and a half of excruciating heat!!!

But this morning sure was lovely and welcomed! 
Mason even asked for a "Jat-tett" because he was "freeeeeezin"!!

And now you leave me longing for Fall....for peppermint mochas, getting cozy by the fire, hayrides and pumpkin patches, candy corn and costumes, college football, soups and stews - just to name a few!!

Oh and the sunrise was pretty amazing too!!!

A few things::
 - Mason hates wearing shoes. I have to put them on him in the 
school parking lot each morning
- Most of these pictures were taken with him walking towards me - 
"Hold me Mama, there's a spider"
- He looks so big to me here
- And hello BLUE eyes!


  1. The last picture of Mason is so stinkin' cute!

  2. Oh I looove the sunset photos! Breathtaking!

  3. I'm super excited for fall too!!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!