{All boy}

Lately all Mason wants to do is climb on things! Doesn't matter what it is, he will try to climb on it. For instance:
- The back of the couch
- Our kitchen island
- His high chair
-Nana's fireplace
- The edge of the bathtub

etc and so forth...

Well, we went to Abilene this weekend to visit BrowerPower and the climbing just continued there. This boy has NO FEAR whatsoever. Yeah, we're in trouble. He was climbing on their couches, coffee table, Kloe's play kitchen, and even tried to climb on Krista's Elephant (huge stand-up decor).

We went to the grocery store one night and I had to buy Mason this adorable Adirondack chair!

Instant Love.
Trying to get seated...


Thanks Mom for my cool chair!

But standing is more fun than siting!!
 (Don't ya just love a little diapered butt and chunky legs that beg to be tickled??)

 What mom?

And then these eyes completely melt me..

Every time we catch him climbing we say, "Mason you are such a little monkey"

His response....

"Ooohhh, Ooohh" (making his monkey sound)

Oh Mason, you are ALL boy son!


  1. oh man, little people furniture melt me. i love seeing how much they love things that are their size :)

    and i love target up & ups too!


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