Nate and I were able to snag some Dallas Stars playoff tickets against the Seattle Kraken! It was one of the most fun (and intense) games we have been to yet. The whole vibe was a little more electric - which is saying a lot since these games always are! They had so many things going on outside of the AAC before the game. 

We got all kinds of Dallas Stars swag; beads, sunglasses, koozies, etc. They had booths and games all set up outside the AAC and of course the hockey rink and shooting zone. It was so much fun!

Mason secured his game puck (his favorite souvenir to get at games) and we were on our way! Mason went down to the ice before we found our way to our seats. 

We were so excited to get to our seats and see a play-off towel and light-up bracelet waiting for us! I think it's so cool how they can program the bracelets to light up a certain color at specific times. 


The Kraken ended up winning by 1 goal in overtime. It was a tough loss and we were so disappointed! Luckily, it's still early in the series! 

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