{Memorial Day Weekend // The Jolly Pirate Ship}

On Saturday, we rode on the Jolly Pirate Ship in Conroe, TX. It was a fun activity to do with the kids. The littles were so excited about it! Mason might have been excited but he's a teenager now and too cool to say so! :) 

We got there a bit early so we just hung out in the fun atmosphere. The kids were so eager to get on the ship! We actually had a pirate come visit with us for a while. 

Then it was time to load onto the ship! The dock was a floating dock, so that made for an interesting walk. Especially while trying to take pictures and videos along the way. 

One of the pirates said something to the effect of "if you can't swim, raise your hand" and that terrified one of our littles! Poor guy thought the pirates were going to throw him into the water. This made him hesitant to move anywhere but the comfort of the arms of his Nana! Eventually, we finally made him realize we weren't going to get in the water but he was still a bit apprehensive.  We think the boat might have made the other little a bit woozy. He didn't say much or move much! Despite those things, we had an amazing time and made some fun family memories. 

I live for these fun and sweet trips/times with family!!

If you find yourself in the Conroe area and looking for a fun family time, this is it!! It was enjoyable for all ages. Check it out here

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