{Mason's Special Visitor // Victor E Green}

 Mason's grandparents pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise for him...

The Dallas Stars mascot, Victor E Green made an appearance to wish Mason a Happy Birthday!!!

Funny story - Mason actually signed up for this at a Stars game but thankfully, he gave them my email address. He had no clue they emailed us back to set it up! When I told Nate's mom she said they wanted to do it as a birthday gift to Mason! A few emails were exchanged, it was paid for, and we were on the schedule to have him visit! The only stipulation was that if there was a Stars game that day he couldn't make it. Well, the Stars kept advancing in the playoffs and we started to worry it wouldn't happen! They were actually still in the play-offs on the day of the visit but by the grace of God, there was no game that day!

Keeping this from Mason was tough! I was so excited about it. But, I'm glad we kept it a surprise. It was worth it to see the look and smile on his face!!


Vic was so personable and a ton of fun was had by all.  Everyone loved him! He hung out for about 30 minutes, took countless pics, and even played video games with the kiddos. He brought Mason a playoff towel (a different one than we got at the playoff game) and a t-shirt. He was the perfect touch to Mason's birthday celebration! 

Thank you Victor E Green for making Mason's birthday extra special this year. 

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