{Mason's 13th birthday}

Mason is THIRTEEN!!! We officially have a teenager and it feels so strange to say that. I know every parent says this and it's incredibly cliche, but I am not sure where all the time went. It has flown by in a flash. If I wasn't already, I am now hyper-aware of these fleeting moments!!  I can't even think about that right now. 

Happy Birthday my sweetest boy!!

Nathan and I both took off the day to spend with Mason! We started the day off with gifts at home. Nate and I got him things to re-do his room into a hockey theme; sheets, a blanket, a hockey stick holder for the wall, acrylic hockey puck holders, a binder to hold all of his hockey cards, photos blown up into poster-size (one of him at hockey and one of the AAC at a playoff game), a hockey necklace, and a few other things.  Then we took Lexi to the kennel and then took Mason shopping. He had some gift cards and wanted to look around. Then we went back to the house to pack up the rest of our things for our trip (while we waited on a store downtown to open). Then we loaded up the truck and were on our way! We stopped at Wirth Collecting on the way. Mason had a birthday gift card he wanted to spend. He found so many great Dallas Stars trading cards and was happy with his purchases! 

Then we were on our way to Lake Conroe for the weekend! We checked into our house and got settled before Mason opened some birthday gifts. I'll have a full post on both the house and our weekend next.

Mason put together his hockey set and we hung out for a bit. Then it was time to head to Top Golf for our reservation. When we asked Mason what he wanted to do for his actual birthday he said Top Golf! There was one within 30 minutes of our lakehouse so I booked it for that evening! Nate's parents joined us and it was their first time there. We all had such a great time!

After Top Golf, we headed to Bombshells (Mason's choice) for supper. The obvious choice for a thirteen-year-old boy, right? The food was delicious, I do have to say! They sang to Mason and put a huge smile on his face! 

Happy thirteenth birthday, Mason! Celebrating you is easy and fun. You are the sweetest boy and I love you dearly. 

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