{Weekend Wrap-up // Movies, Benefit with the Jeep Club, Church, Coop work}

 I've been so busy catching up on the blog (since St Patrick's Day) but I wanted to post something a little more recent. A weekend wrap-up! It used to be a common thing around here and I miss posting a little of our day-to-day. I love weekends with my favorite people! 

Friday // 

We grabbed food from our favorite little diner Farmluck and then took Mason to the movies to see F9. I don't think we have seen any of the movies since the first one, so we were in for a surprise. The 9th movie was definitely different than the first. We loved the movie but now I want to watch them all in order. 

Awkward picture of Mason, I know. He was putting something into his pocket. But, it's the only picture I have from the movies so here we are. 

Saturday //

We woke up bright and early for a benefit ride for a children's home. One of our local Jeep clubs joined in with several biker clubs to support a good cause. We met our Jeep friends at Bucees and then convoyed over to the Motorcycle club to register and have a briefing. It was so neat and something like you'd see in the movies! We were definitely out of place, not wearing leather from head to toe, but none of the bikers made us feel any less. They were all so nice! And, we were all there for the same reason. After a bit, we all convoyed over to the children's home where we took in all kinds of donations and turned over the money raised. They fed us a barbeque lunch. It was such a nice! Mason made fast friends with all of the children at the home and that just melted me completely. Oh, how I wish I could have brought each one of them home. My heart. 

The clubs came together and raised over $13,500 for the children's home plus all kinds of donations (toys, paper goods, toiletries, etc.). I sure do love this Jeep family and their big hearts. 

After the benefit, we came home to exchange the Jeep for the truck so that we could make a run to Home Depot. We got some things to work on our chicken coop. We bought 15 bags of sand for the inside of the coop and for the little courtyard area outside of the coop. We prefer the sand over bedding and the chickens like it, too!  While we were out working on the coop we had the cutest little visitors come and help! Nate's mom was babysitting our nephews, so they walked over to hang out! 

They were the cutest! And they loved the chicken coop! 

Sunday //

We went to church and several of our Jeep family came! It's so amazing having them there with us. After church, we all went to lunch together. It was such a nice time. I love this community of people! 

After church and lunch, we went to pick up some chicken nesting boxes for our coop. Our girls are getting close to the age where they will be laying eggs! I can't even tell you how exciting that is. We spent the evening getting those in the coop and hanging my chandelier in the coop! It's all coming together. I just need to paint the backside of the coop door! It's such an eyesore when the coop is open! I also want to get a cute curtain to hang over the loft area where we keep the feed.  

We spent the rest of the evening repotting some plants and cleaning up our porch. It was such a great day of just tackling home projects together. Even though it's brutally hot outside, I love being out there taking care of things on the homestead! 

Already looking forward to the next weekend!

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