{Port Lavaca // Day 2 // Magnolia Beach, Casa Jalisco, Snow Cones, 4th of July Festivities}

 On day 2 of our Port Lavaca camping trip, we decided to hit up the beach. We searched a couple that were close and decided on Magnolia Beach. This was our first time in this area, so we were not too familiar with the nearby beaches. Magnolia sounded like it would be nice...

This beach was a lot different than most that we have been to. The entire beach is only 1.5 miles long and the water is much less salty than other beaches. I'm not sure if it's because it was a holiday weekend, but there were vendors down one side of the beach. There was a variety of things; snow cones, food, drinks, shirts, etc. Not long after we got there, an ice cream truck drove by! Mason jumped quickly at the opportunity to grab some ice cream. 

Our neighbors at the beach caught a shark and it drew in a big crowd! Everyone wanted to see the shark up close and personal. 

Then I caught Nate looking like a swimtrunk model! :) He sure is handsome! I had to take pictures. 

After the beach, we headed back to get cleaned up for supper! We found a Mexican food place called Casa Jalisco and decided to give it a try. It was freakin' amazing!!! Everyone loved their meal!! After supper, Nate, Mason, and I went to try out a snowcone place that was recommended on our Jeep page! The snow cones definitely did not disappoint. 

We met everyone back and camp and hung out for a bit. Mason had a great time playing with our friend's puppies. 

Then Nate and I decided to go check out all of the 4th of July festivities the KOA was having. They decided to do their activities and fireworks on the 3rd since there was a threat of storms on the 4th. We walked down at sunset and it was so incredibly beautiful. It was just like one of those beachy/resort-type movies! There were people swimming, playing in the splashpad, playing sand volleyball, people watching the sunset, etc. all while a DJ played music. It was so neat! Nate and I walked out to the pier to watch the sunset. It was so magical! 

Then we went back to camp for s'mores and fireworks! 

And, that's a wrap on day two of our Port Lavaca beach trip!


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