{Mason // First Midweek at Church}

 Mason got to attend his first ever Midweek on Wednesday! Midweek is for 6th - 12th graders only and they meet on Wednesdays at our church. They have all kinds of activities for the kids, worship, a sermon, and small groups! It's such an amazing night for these youth.

This past Wednesday they invited all of the incoming 6th graders for a night of worship! It was kind of like a preview of what they will experience on Wednesdays once school starts back up. They had a Bahama Bucks snowcone truck out (free to all the kids) to kick off the night. We walked Mason up and was talking to a youth leader that we knew. She introduced us to the Youth Pastor and he spoke with us for a bit. Nate and  I asked Mason if he wanted us to stay or go. He smiled and shrug his shoulders. Then he saw a table of 6th grade boys he recognized and ran right over to them!! 

Nate and I went to dinner and walked around TJ Maxx until it was time to pick him up! Both the restaurant and TJ Maxx are right across the street from our church. We wanted to stick around close...just in case!

We got there about 15 minutes early to pick him up and just waited in the parking lot. We started seeing kids coming out, but not Mason. A few minutes later he texted "y'all can head this way". I responded and let him know we were already there. It was another 10 minutes before he came out. He did a quick glance around the parking lot and started heading back into church. I got out and walked up to catch him! When I got to him he says, "I'm not ready to leave yet!" lol! He said he had a wonderful time and made 5 new friends!! Music to a Mama's ears!!

We have two friends that are youth leaders and they both said that Mason did great! He told them he loved it and was going to come every Wednesday! Another one told me they loved seeing Mason on the front row during worship/service and that he was having an amazing time.

I'm so thankful for this church and how much they pour into the youth! 

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