{Port Lavaca // Day 3 // Matagorda}

 On day three of our trip, the morning started out rainy. We played some card games in the camper until the rain passed. The crew was hungry for some seafood, so that landed us in Matagorda! There wasn't much in the small town our KOA was at, so a quick Internet search took us to a place called Waterfront in Matagorda. 

We got to Matagorda and decided to look around at the pier and some shops before going to lunch. 

Lunch at the Waterfront was just okay. None of us were completely wow'd by our meals...but we had a good time just being together. 

After lunch, we headed down to Matagorda Beach to check it out! This was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. We walked the beach, watched the sunset, caught crabs, searched for seashells, the guys enjoyed a cigar, and we just hung out on the beach. 

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