{Our first Ranger game at the new Globelife field}

We finally got to see the new Globelife Field and we were impressed!!  Nathan scored some awesome tickets from work for the three of us. We were so excited to go! 

Since Nate was already close-ish to the stadium, Mason and I picked him up from work that day. It was the best option instead of having him come all the way home and right back to where he was. Mase and I love when we get to pick him up! We went to eat before the game and then got there a little early so that we had time to walk around before the game started. 

We went into the stadium with a very open mind! We had seen so many posts where people were disappointed in the new stadium and talked about how awful it was. But, we were pleasantly surprised. We really love the layout of the new stadium! Sure, we miss the nostalgia of the old ballpark, but this one is just awesome! There's definitely more room to walk on the concourse, more food options, tons of memorabilia, updated amenities, and there is AC for those hot and brutal Texas summer days! I admit, it was weird watching a Ranger game in the AC, but there were definitely no complaints from us! 

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